Review of EasyPets Roll Up Travel Dog Bowls

This is a review of the roll-up silicone dog travel bowls by EasyPets. A unique design with a material we are seeing more and more in the food world. We give it a whirl to see how it compares to the other new and tried and tested travel dog bowls out there.


This unique approach to a travel pet bowl is quite ingenious, a simple idea for a pet bowl, un-roll the silicone set and out pops two food or water trays at 600ml capacity each. We have tested a few different pet and dog travel bowls now and this seems like a fantastic idea. The product creator calls it innovative, practical and fun, and you know what, we totally agree with this statement.

easypets silicone pet travel roll up dog bowl

As you can see with the illustration above, it rolls away, clips in to itself and ends up being a tiny 26 x 6 x 5cm in size, perfect to add to a travel bag for your loved one or put in a small compartment near where your dog is in your car. It even comes with it’s own little carry bag so if its still a bit wet or has some food on it then that can all be kept together. What we think is really clever is the pop up food and water trays, because they are made of food grade silicone, they just flatten as you roll the mat up and are out of the way.

easypets silicone pet travel roll up dog bowls


This rolls down in to a smaller space than a fold away umbrella and only weighs less than a quarter of a kilo. Even though it’s a small setup it’s cleverly designed and would suit any dog size from small to large, we have a medium cocker spaniel cross and this held enough food and water for him for our energy and water stops whilst on the road.

Unlike the Youthink pot system it doesn’t hold it’s food over time so you can’t store that away if your dog doesn’t eat it all. As well, with the Prestige Road Refresher you know that the water you add to the bowl will stay there, with this, you can’t leave this out in the back of your car as the water will easily spill out no matter how slowly you drive.

Pros & Cons

  • Folds away in to a small size
  • BPA free and food grade silicone is used
  • Very light dog travel bowl that you can take pretty much anywhere with you
  • Two bowls are connected to the silicone tray
  • Comes with a spill tray attached so that anything that goes over the edge should also be hoovered up by your dog
  • You can’t store food in it if your dog doesn’t eat it all
  • If you want to keep it in the back whilst driving about, water will spill out

Conclusion & where to buy

No matter how you are travelling this could be great for you and your dogs needs. Even hiking out on trails or on a big car adventure somewhere new. Just throw it down on the floor, fill up with your dogs favourite food and some water and they’re good to go.

EasyPets ‘RollaBowl’ Travel Dog Bowl. Portable Double Roll Up Pet Bowls with Carry Case. Collapsible silicone bowl for Cat/Dog. Perfect for Home, Travel, Walks and Camping

as of June 1, 2024 3:43 am


(Open) 45cm x 27cm x 5cm (Rolled Up) 27cm x 6cm x 5cm

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