Review of EasySMX Touch Screen GPS SAT NAV

The EasySMX touch screen  GPS SAT NAV is a comprehensive, multiple purpose device at a budget price, read our review below.



The EasySMX is easily fitted to your car window using a strong car suction cup mount that is provided with it and supports the SAT NAV with no wobbles. The size of the screen is quite large in comparison to other SAT NAV’s available, making it even easier for those with long sightedness who find reading up close difficult and works well in making you aware of where you are and where you are going. For some people the screen may seem on quite the large size on an unnecessary level, if you feel “7 inch widescreen ” would be to big in your car look at a smaller model.


This GPS device is more like a computer than a digital map, including games, calculator, music and video player and many more. Giving you plenty of time filling activities to do say you are waiting in the car to pick up a friend. However really this is what your smart phone can nowadays to so whether the extra features is beneficial or wasted space is questionable. The GPS comes with all software pre-installed meaning it does not require you to install anything however you spend time deleting unwanted programs on it to increase your memory space to keep the speed of the SAT NAV and personally I would recommend doing that as the main priority of your GPS system is to help you find where you want to get to quickly.

Battery life on the EasySMX SAT NAV is also not the best however I believe this could be down to the amount of programs running and the large bright screen so to help prolong battery life you will need to as well as getting rid of unneeded programs, reduce the brightness level.  This GPS also comes with both a car charger and mains power charger with USB cable, this works well for cars that don’t have a cigarette lighter.

The main positives to take from the EasySMX SAT NAV is that the actual map provided by the software iGO is very clear, colourful and provides a lot of detail to the road area you encounter, perfect for any regular commuter. It is also touch screen allowing for any quick change of plans.

Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive navigation system pre-installed
  • Detailed coloured maps
  • Large screen
  • Includes extra features such as note pad and calculator and even a music player
  • The screen can be customised in regards how much detail you want to see on the map and brightness
  • Great value for money
  • Unable to search via postcode
  • Not the simplist to use
  • You may find the screen unneccessarily large
  • Too many programs and features pre-installed that take up memory space requiring you to remove
  • Does not have speed camera alerts
  • Not the longest battery life

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a great value for money SAT NAV with just what you need (if not more than what you need) to get you from A to B.

Update 2022: While the original sat nav is not available anymore, we recommend the unit below.

BLUETOOTH SAT NAV (7 INCH) UK EUROPE EDITION 2022 (FREE Lifetime Updates) GPS Navigation for Car Truck HGV Lorry Motorhome, Features Postcodes, Driver Alerts, Lane Guidance & POI (BRITISH BRAND)




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