Review of Carmen Shiatsu Massage Car Seat Cushion

In this review we check out the swish and stylish Carmen C90009 Shiatsu Massage Car Seat Cushion that is designed solely to sooth your back troubles away.



The Carmen back massager works as efficiently as well as it conveys style, matching itself well to any vehicles interior. This back massaging cushion adds an extra bit of sophistication to any chair while addressing any back pain you have discreetly. The carmen back massaging cushion has an integrated cushioned headrest and is made from a soft man made material. It also comes with a mains and car charger making it very portable.

The Carmen cushion can be attached using an integrated strapping system to any chair you like as long as it has access to a near charging point. This works well for regular car passengers that have back aches and pains that find car travel uncomfortable. It can be easily attached and re attached if changing between vehicles too.  I would not recommend attaching it to the drivers seat of the car and I will come on to why in the next section.

Carmen C90009 Shiatsu Massage Cushion full view


One of the key elements to this particular car seat cushion massager and why I would not recommend for use attached to the drivers seat of a car is the POWER. The cushion has four rolling massage nodes that massage deep into your back muscle tissue that many other massagers barely reach. There are many reasons for why deep tissue massage is beneficial including stress relief, reduce blood pressure and easing pain. A massager that provides deeper muscle massages can get to deeper areas of tissue that a gentler massage could not get to, helping resolve deeper tissue pain and make movement a little easier. Travelling in the car in particular can cause stress and discomfort for anyone who already has back pain, this massager will work wonders for a family member who has this particular daily pain.

The cushion also comes with its own small remote control the buttons are quite small however it is straight forward to use. The adjustable settings include an on/off button and the ability to focus on your upper, lower back or both and to change the intensity level by 3. This cushion does lack variation in its manner of the vibration i.e not being able to change from a pulsatile to a kneading style but the vibration setting that the cushion does provide it does at an excellent standard.  If you are after a gentler,  help send you off to sleep massager this isn’t for you.  As said already POWER is your top reason to buy this product.

Carmen C90009 Shiatsu Massage Cushion remote





Pros & Cons

  • Smart looking cushion, will look good in any car
  • Comes with an easy to use remote control
  • Great for getting out tight knots in your back
  • Specifically designed to tackle back aches and pains
  • Strong massager, helpful for those with bad backs
  • Can target your lower or upper back separately or at the same time.
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Could be too powerful a massage for your personal preferance
  • Would not recommend for the driver due the strength and distraction of the vibration
  • Does not reach areas such as neck or thighs.
  • No alternative options for vibration styles such a pulsative or kneading.
  • Doesn’t come with a heat function as well like others we have reviewed.

Conclusion & where to buy

Carmen provide you with a well made back massaging cushion that looks not only stylish but helps relief deep back muscle pain at a good value price.

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