Review of Eden Petz Dog Car Seat Protector

In this review we cover the Dog Car Seat Cover by Eden Petz. This is a waterproof, fleece lined car seat cover for your rear seats which has a lovely paw print on it.

We look further in to this lovely looking car seat cover for dogs to see if this is for you and your car.



Fitting the Eden Petz dog car seat cover could not be easier, it has multiple fastenings and belts to help you fit this cover to any car. One thing to be said about this cover is that it comes with plenty of fastenings. Whether you have car seat headrests or not, this cover will have a way to fit on your rear seats.

It’s a large rear seat cover so smaller cars may find that it can be big when fitted. This makes it perfect for bigger cars.


This is a comfortable dog car seat cover because it is lined, it feels nice to sit on and due to it coming down in to the foot well of the car means that passengers can also sit on your rear seats at the same time as your dog. A problem with a passenger though is that the gaps in the car seat cover aren’t very big so that means that getting the seat belt out to use can be difficult.


You can keep this clean by machine washing it, hoovering and shaking off. As mentioned previously though, because it is fleece lined, if something is spilled on it, it will be harder to keep clean and will also trap dog and pet hairs, which you might find hard to remove.

No More Dirt

With any car seat cover, this will hold off dirt, muddy paws and wet dogs. This will keep your car seats clean and dry for a long time to come.

Pros & Cons

  • Great design, cool and funky with paw prints on the fleece lining
  • Fits almost any car with all of its extra fittings
  • Fits big cars
  • Soft fleece lining for your dogs comfort
  • Fleece material is hard to get dog hair off
  • Because of all the fittings to make this a universal car seat cover for dogs, it means that removing it to clean or swap cars can be tricky

Conclusion & where to buy

It seems that the positive of having a comfortable fleece lined dog car seat cover is also a negative, because it is fleece lined. It means that it holds on to the dog hair more than a nylon or other material normally would.

It’s a great funky looking dog car seat cover, and if you can deal with hoovering it quite often this would be a great dog car seat cover, it’s a great price and rated very highly.

Update 2022: While this product might no longer be available, we recommend the one below.

Dog Hammock for Car Back seat with Mesh Visual Window, Side Flaps with Zipper, Padded 4 Layers Waterproof Heavy Duty Dog Hammock with Storage Bag, Scratch Proof Nonslip Pet Car Seat Cover


140 x 105 x 10 cm


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