Review of Me & My Dog Car Rear Seat Protector Cover

A review of the Me & My Pets Car Rear Seat Protector Cover. A dark blue rear seat protector which protects the entire row of seats from mucky paws and pets which are dirty or wet.

This looks like a really promising rear pet car seat cover for your dog, which if you have a busy adventurous lifestyle, should be perfect for you and your budget.


On arrival, it came in similar packaging, it’s a very simple dog car seat cover to fit to your rear seats.

me and my dog car seat cover


This is a hammock type fitted rear car seat cover for your dog. What that means is that it covers the back seats backrest, the back seats seat and the back of the front seats, in a hammock shape.

It has adjustable straps so should fit all cars rear seats. You can fit your rear seat belts through the small gaps so that you can still attach your dog to a seat belt if you want.

Make sure you have front and rear car seat headrests as the dog car seat cover relies on these to fit them to the rear seats.

me and my dog car seat cover


Your dog or other pet may slip around on the material, not because they are wet, but because the material seems slippy in general. Other than that, it should last a long while as it looks well made and heavy duty. There is a zip in the middle between the two front car seats, this is not the strongest but does give you access to the rear if you need it. If your dog is not strapped in, then they might be able to get over or through this rear seat cover zip.

We’d maybe recommend using a little towel or blanket of different material to sit on top of it which wouldn’t slide around, this may make your dog feel more comfortable in the rear seats.


This rear car seat cover fits the entire width of your car seats so you can have not just one, but a couple of dogs on it. Although, bigger cars out there may have a small gap on either end of the rear seat cover. This may lead to your dog jumping down in to the footwell if you don’t have them strapped in.


Pros & Cons

  • Water resistant so a wet or dirty dog won’t be staining your rear sets
  • We reckon it’s good value for the money
  • Very easy to fit and install in the rear of your seats
  • Where the cover fits it will definately keep your seats clean and dry for many years to come
  • With wider cars, you may find that it leaves a small gap on either end of the cover
  • Zip in the middle is not the strongest
  • Having other passengers on your back seat may be a problem due to the entire rear seats being covered
  • Didn’t come with instructions

Conclusion & where to buy

An excellent value for money dog rear seat cover for your car. It’s universal and should fit all cars out there and all pet sizes too. Just be warned that bigger, stronger dogs may find their way through the middle of the two front seats or in to the foot well if your car is bigger. The material does seem slippy though so your dog may slide around if not strapped in.

Me and My Pets Paw Print Rear Car Seat Protector - Large


140cm x 150cm


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