Review of Eufab Car Seat Cover with Heating Function

This is the review of the black universal heated car seat cover by Eufab. We are reviewing this today to see how it stands up and works with our every day car journeys and whether this heated car seat cover is right for us and can help us get through winter and make the car warmer and more comfortable.

We have ranked this as our #1 heated car seat cover & cushion, read more to find out why.


The Eufab heated car seat cover is universal, meaning that it will fit any car, as long as you have a 12v car cigarette lighter. We’d be surprised if you didn’t have one in your current car, new or old.

We placed this on our drivers seat and simply placed the harness strap over our front seat headrest. That was it, it was fitted, this will easily fit small or large car seats. We could sit on our front seat and just plug in the cigarette adapter which would power the heated seat. Really simple to install, fit in your car and ready to keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets in winter this year. Like other models though we have reviewed, this one has the cable on the right hand side so you would have to wrap it under your car seat or in front/behind it to power the heat within the cushion.

This Eufab heated car seat cushion is very comfortable, the thickest of the cushions we have seen and it definitely adds to the comfort of your car seat. You get full bottom and back rest sections heated, so if you have back pain or problems, this may also help with resolving that.


Eufab heated car seat cushion on front seat

An extra note is that we believe this could work well combined with a waterproof breathable cover of some sort and you could even place a wet dog on it on the low setting if you wanted to dry your dog out on a long journey back home. If towel drying doesn’t get your long haired dog dry, then this may do the trick.

Like the other heated cushions, this has two heat settings, low and high, giving the same amount of heat as the others. The low heat is pleasant and nice on really cold days and after the car has already been warmed up. The high setting is great to use when you first sit in the car on a cold morning and you want to get warm right away, something we enjoyed doing was to turn it on as we got to the car and then removed any ice from the windows and then when we sat in the car we were immediately warmed up and didn’t have to wait for the cars heaters to get up to temperature as the engine warms.

Best Heated Car Seat Cover

We have ranked this as our #1 heated car seat cover. This is due to the price and comfort of the cushion. It offers both bum and back heated sections and felt great when in use. It doesn’t cost much more than the other heated cushions we have reviewed and looked like a slightly better quality finish.

Pros & Cons

  • Very comfortable heated seat cushion
  • Comes in black so matches all car interiors
  • Has back rest heat as well as bum rest
  • Super easy to install, just place it on your seat with the strap over the headrest and plug in
  • The two heat settings were just right
  • Cable is on the wrong side for right hand drive cars, but it does reach
  • We have only tested it for a couple of days so only time will tell if this heated cushion lasts with a lot of use

Conclusion & where to buy

Our favourite heated car seat cushion, very comfortable, easy to install and use and we could move it from car to car, no problems. Only time will tell if it lasts under a lot of use, but we were very impressed with it and wished we had bought this a few years ago to help us get through cold winters.

Update 2022: While this product might not be available anymore, we recommend the cushion below.


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98 x 1 x 49.5 cm


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