Review of Ford Transit Van Custom Tailored Front Seat Covers

This is a review of the custom fit 2013 on wards Ford Transit front van seat covers. A fitted seat cover set for your driver and passenger van seats. This set comes with a single drivers (right hand drive) seat cover and a double passenger seat cover.


When buying a custom fitted seat cover set, you’ll have that extra reassurance that the cover set is definitely going to fit your van seats. In this case, the 2013 and on wards Ford Transit van seat cover set will do exactly that, it will fit this van, just make sure you have chosen the correct year set for your van.


At first glance, the quality and material of this van seat cover set is the best we’ve seen with any seat cover we have tested and reviewed, it’s cotton based with a PU denier, polyester top, this means that it isn’t slippery when sat on, completely waterproof and very tough. You probably won’t find a better material for covering your van seats.

ford transit custom van seat covers


With this set, you get the seats, which are the drivers and two passengers, as well as arm rests and three headrests. This set fits like a glove and isn’t too hard to get set up. It’s not as easy as the single front car seat covers you can buy which just stretch over the seat and can be put on and taken off in seconds. Due to this, it means that they don’t move around, they are very secure and will hopefully last years when first put on your seats.

They use different fittings, from velcro around the sides to straps with quick release to go underneath and behind, this means for a super secure and perfect fit for all of your seats. They have made this product perfectly and thought exactly on how it should fit and to the exact measurements.

ford transit custom van seat covers

The headrests and arm rests are fitted separately but this is simple and completes the look and protection the seat covers provide for the front of your vans interior.


Because of the perfect fit and custom fitting, they have taken in to account the extra storage options that come with a newer Ford Transit. There are drink holders on the passenger seats and also storage under the passenger seats when you flip them forward.

custom front seat covers for ford transit

Once fitted, you can still use all of these extra features on your van. The passenger seat just unzips a small square section on the backrest and the cup holders fold down, leaving your van seat covers in place and you don’t need to remove.

ford transit custom front seat covers cup holder storage

As well as this, you can flip the passenger seat bottom forwards to access the storage beneath it. Even when you have fitted your custom Ford Transit seat covers, this storage is still accessible.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect fitting for your Ford Transit Van
  • Super tough, extra heavy duty material which should last years
  • Can still use the storage and cup holders in the front of your van and under the seats
  • Quite affordable compared to Fords branded van seat covers
  • Take a while to fit, they don’t just slip over the seat

Conclusion & where to buy

Superb quality and material used to protect the front seats of your Ford Transit van. We can see these lasting years and they have really thought about the build of them as you are still able to access the storage sections under your vans seats.

UK Custom Covers SC474B-SC502B Tailored Heavy Duty Waterproof Front & Rear Seat Covers with 'Transit' Embroidery Black - To Fit Ford Transit Van MK8 Double Chassis (Including Tipper) 2014 Onwards



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