Review of GPS Car Tracker with GPRS and Vehicle Theft Protection System

Are you looking for a car gps tracker for your car or vehicle? This could be the tracker for you. This looks like an affordable security gadget that could help you out if your car is stolen.

This car tracker is made by back2you and is a tracker that you can install and wire up to your engine to enable extra security features which this tracker can manage.



If you want to help prevent your car being stolen or if it does get stolen and you wish to know exactly where it is, this car gps tracker will do just that, and more.

Just like the other gps car trackers we have reviewed, this one has the most important feature and with a simple phone call, you can find out exactly where your vehicle is. You will receive a message and if you are using a smart phone, will be able to view the location using google maps straight away.

Extra Features

The extra features you will get with this particular gps tracker are;

  • Engine cut off, with this, you can message the tracker attached to your car and it will shut your engine off and stop the car. It only does this once the car travels below 20kmh for safety reasons, a very important feature. This is why this car tracker can be installed in to the car and wired up.
  • Geo fencing means that you can set up an area that the car is allowed to be within, if the car or vehicle moves outside of this area, you will receive a text message.
  • If you set up the stationary setting, this simple feature will message you when your car is no longer stationary, a very good security feature if your car will be parked for a long time.
  • Finally, max speed notices can be set when you want to be warned of the cars top speed. This can be very important if you are fitting this car gps tracker to a family members vehicle and you wish to keep a check on their driving and that they are staying below the national speed limit.
  • Comes with microphone so you can listen in/record to what is going on just by calling up the number of the simcard in the tracker.
  • Alarm and immobiliser functions means that you can sound an alarm, even if you aren’t anywhere near your car or vehicle.

Everything In The Box

gprs car tracker


The user manual leaves a lot to be desired, but using common sense, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with it. If you can’t figure it out, you could always get a garage or electrician to install it for you so that you can take advantage of the extra features this gps car tracker provides.

Once installed, it continually keeps tabs on it’s location and with the installed sim card you placed in to it, you can connect via your own phone and manage it’s location and other features if you wish to use them.

You can even have up to 5 numbers linked to the device, so multiple people in the family, or friends even can keep track of the vehicle. This is especially good if you wish to use this tracker for a fleet of vans and the company needs multiple numbers looking after individual vans.

Pros & Cons

  • A lot of features on it, you can use it just to track your van, car, motorcycle or other vehicle or use it’s other features if you require.
  • A great price for the extra security it gives.
  • Once purchased, you can use a pay as you go sim card, register it, put it in your car tracker and off you go.
  • If you wish to utilise all of the extra features, horn sound, immobilise, car top speed etc you will need to fully wire this up to your vehicle and an electrician may be required.
  • The battery only lasts a few hours so you will need to at least wire this up to your vehicles main battery.
  • Takes a long time to get everything right and fully set up your tracker.

Conclusion & where to buy

This is not the quickest of security devices to install. You can use it stand alone, attach it to just a power supply (vehicles battery) or by fully wiring it up to your car. It has some amazing features, so you can use this as more than a vehicle location device. We are very impressed with this bit of kit, it just needs a bit of know how to get fully functioning and set up.

MeMeDa GPS Car Tracker with GPRS and Vehicle Theft Protection System

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