Review of Hardcastle Boot Liner & Lip Protector

This is a review of the Hardcastle Boot Liner & Lip Protector. A heavy duty and waterproof boot and lip protector that can protect your boot from getting muddy or dirty.



The hardcastle boot protector is easy to fit with velcro strips sticking the protector to the boot and elastic loops that fit around the back seat head rest poles. The protector would benefit from more velco strips and wider ones to keep it firmly in place.


The material is made from a tough water resistant polyester, perfect for those working in gardening services, enjoying outdoor activities or living in rural areas.

Hardcastle Boot Protector close up

Extra notes

The boot protector can fit many boot types and styles and can even fit around a dog crate in a boot if needed.

Pros & Cons

  • The extra length to cover the lip of the car helps protect from scratches
  • Tough robust material
  • Has a smart appearance
  • Easy to fit
  • Fits many boot types
  • Good quality for the price
  • The velcro holding it to the sides is not particularly strong
  • The side popper fastenings also can come apart fairly easily.
  • Not most suitable for those with lively dogs that move around in the boot due to the fastenings
  • Requires the car boot to be carpet like material as the protector can not attach to plastic or metal trims

Conclusion & where to buy

The hardcastle boot protector is made with a high quality tough material, for those with an active outdoor carrying muddy boots, bags and jackets this is a great design. The extra lip to the protector helps protect the car paint for scratches, however due to the lack of strength in the velcro holdings and popper fastenings it is not the most suitable for those with lively dogs.

KUBO Universal Car Boot Liner Anti Slip Durable Protector with Non Scratch Bumper Flap for Dogs Pets


106cm x 97cm x 35cm


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