Review of Sakura Boot Liner & Bumper Protector

A solid looking boot liner and protector by Sakura. If you need to keep dirty paws, sand, dirt and mud away from your boots carpet and flooring, this boot protector could be for you. We review and test this product below to see how well it fits your car and can protect it from day to day wear and use.


If you’re after a no nonsense, large, boot protector for your dog or just to keep your boots carpet and interior clean and tidy, this could be the one you are after.

Fitting The Boot Liner

This is a very large universal boot liner for your cars boot. Fitting it is very simple, but it has a couple of weak points. There are velcro straps and other straps that fit around the headrest of the rear seats.

Just place the boot liner in to your boot, being large, it should fit but may also be too big for your boot, depending on the car you have. Simply place the headrest straps over the headrest and the sides up your carpeted boot. Using the velcro, if it sticks, it should cover all three sides of your boots interior, protecting not just the boot floor, but the sides as well.

The final edge of the boot has a boot lip, which is extra material that dangles down over your boots rear bumper when the boot is open. This is a great little extra as it stops your boot and rear bumper from getting dirty and scratched when your dog jumps in and out of the car or when you lean on the rear of your boot with dirt and mud on your boots.

Material & Look

It is made of heavy duty, thick polyester which is water resistant and will suit any boot or car colour out there. It’s entirely black in colour so when it’s dirty, it will still look good. Being made out of polyester, it is great at keeping your dogs hair off of your carpet and boots interior. It is also very easy to wipe clean, although it is not machine washable, this is not too much of a problem.

Pros & Cons

  • Next day delivery available for this product, so if you need it tomorrow, you can have it
  • Extends over your rear bumper when your boot is up so that a dog jumping up will not ruin the interior
  • Easy to fit in to any boot
  • Keeps dog hairs at bay and they are easy to wipe off
  • Not fully waterproof, so if you spill a lot of water on it, it may seep through
  • Velcro straps don’t stick too well to some carpets or sides of boots
  • Doesn’t fit the highest of boot walls

Conclusion & where to buy

A very good and large boot liner, it’s not water proof and the seams look like they’d leak as well, but it has the extra of a bumper cover when the boot is open. Very affordable car boot liner but lacks correct fittings so you will have to make it fit your size boot.

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106cm x 97cm x 37cm


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