Review of HoMedics 5 Motor Back Massager with Heat

This is a review of the HoMedics 5-Motor Back Massager. A mid range product giving you a comfortable portable massager for home and car seatings.



The HoMedics 5-Motor Back Massager is made to fit many types of chairs and is easily attached onto your car sit whether you are driving or not. The seat is made of a soft padded material that will help with aches and pains while driving. General wear and tear overtime may cause the cushion to become thin and for the vibration nodes to protrude, therefore I would recommend for occasional use. If you are a regular commuter or have troublesome back pain and looking for a long lasting massager. The massager uses a strap to keep it securely to your chair, with a reasonable 24 inches in height to the back cushion it also gives many the option of a neck massage too.


HoMedics 5-Motor Back Massager with Heat in car


The cushion has 5 in built vibration motors that target different areas of your back allowing you to turn on areas on at a time. If however you are fancying just to have the heat alone this isn’t possible with this massager you need to turn at least one vibration mode to get the heat as well. Unlike higher end models you can adjust the intensity of the vibration but there is no variation in the style of vibration i.e. pulsative, tapping or kneading. The massager does provide gentle vibrations and with the remote control provided you can adjust the intensity and speed of the vibration, if you are looking for a deep massager you would need to put this onto the highest setting. The remote control is lightweight and simple to use.

HoMedics 5-Motor Back Massager with Heat remote


This is a 10 function car seat massager and we have put it as a 5 intensity levels and 5 modes in our technical details section.

Pros & Cons

  • Good value for money
  • Helpful for those with back pain
  • Works well when you become tired on a long distance drive
  • Comes with both a mains and car adapter
  • Produces gentle soothing vibrations with a further choice of strengths and speeds
  • The heat function only works when one of the vibration modes in switched on
  • Overtime the filler cushion becomes compressed and uncomfortable to sit on
  • Does not have shiatsu massage balls that move up and down they soley produce a vibration
  • There is only one choice of vibration style

Conclusion & where to buy

For occasional use the HoMedics 5-Motor Back Massager is a great product, easily transportable, secure with lovely soothing vibrations and an ability to change the speed and intensity. Due to features that can deteriorate over time however if you are looking for a long lasting massager that gets deep into the muscles you would be better looking into a shiatsu massager product that has actual massage balls with a variety of vibration styles.

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