Review of Homedox Car Security Safe

This is a review of the Homedox Car Security Safe


The Homebox security box comes as an all black box, 21cm by 15 by 7cm deep so there is quite a bit of space inside, it also looks smaller in size than it is. Weighing around 1.5kg it is fairly heavy too. Inside the box is a soft grey velour material which helps to protect all valuables hidden inside. With the large depth of this safe I managed to get a set of keys, passport, wallet, papers and a GPS system without any problems.

Attached to the box is a strong braided steel cable which allows you to attach to hideaway areas of your car such as under the seat without someone realising it is there, this will help for tieing up the box quickly. Even if the box is visible once you have looped the cord around a handle or loop in the car, it would be  near impossible for the steel cord to be broken for it to be removed from the vehicle unless they had bolt croppers on them.

Homedox car security safe


The locking system is by a combination number lock on the actual box, setting this up is fairly easy to do. The box also comes with a steel sleeve which the box will sit into and the box can be locked firmly inside this using one of the two keys also provided. This is a thoroughly well designed security locking system. I would say you should have no concerns about anyone getting into this safe with it having both a combination lock on the inside of the sleeve and a key lock for the sleeve itself.

It is small enough to fit into a side pouch, glove compartment or bag. The box can also be used with or without the stainless steel cable, personally I have used it a few times without with the happy knowledge that the security system of this box is already a sufficient deterrent.

Homedox car security safe


Pros & Cons

  • Strong and robust
  • Extra secure locking system
  • Uses a number combination lock and key lock
  • Easy to use
  • Easily stowed away
  • Available for next day delivery
  • Heavy
  • More pricey

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a fantastic car security box with three measures to keep your valuables safe, a combination lock, a key and and indestructable attachment cable to your vehicle. It is a little more pricey than others available but for what its protecting it is more than worth its money.

You definitely know with this car travel safe box that your belongings aren’t going to go anywhere.

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