Review of Hyton Car Key Blocking Case

This is a review of the Hyton Car Key Blocking Case


The Hyton Car Key Signal Blocker case is a small and lightweight fabric pouch. It comes as a pack of two and is made of specific fabric layers to create a 100% signal blocking pouch.

Hyton Car Blocking Case


It is designed for a car key with fob in mind, however it will also fit cards or a small smart phone inside but not all together. You aren’t going to get a large phone in there either such as an iPhone 6 or CAT S60.

The pouch can block RFID, NFC as well as WIFI signals, which is handy when you need to switch off from connecting with your phone is situations such as when you are driving.

Hyton Car Key Blocking Case

The inner layer of the blocker uses a RFID nano-shielding material that encompasses the car key or phone inside with a 70-90db shielding ability. A car fob has a signal strength of 58db which means it is safe within the pocket from theft. There is a white cloth that is strong and helps protect the inner layer from scratches. The pouch uses strong stitches and closes with velcro. The outer layer has a soft waterproof leather like material which also helps to make this a robust and long lasting case.

Pros & Cons

  • 100% block fob signal
  • Pack of two
  • Outer waterproof material protects from scratches
  • Can also hold credit and debit cards or small phone
  • Reduces temptation of using phone while driving
  • Easy to clean
  • Pocket size

Cannot put in a large smart phone inside the case such as an iPhone 6 or CAT S60

Delivery takes a while

Conclusion & where to buy

The Hyton Signal Blocker case is water resistant, is easy to pop in your pocket and prevent your car from being taken. This blocker really does work and with its small convenient size its easy to forget you even have it.

This makes it a winner in our eyes, because it’s a no fuss solution to something that could really ruin your day.

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18 x 10 x 2 cm



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