Review of MONOJOY Car key Signal Blocking Harris Tweed Pouch

This is a review of the MONOJOY Car key Signal Blocking Harris Tweed Pouch


The MONOJOY Harris Tweed Signal Blocking pouch is a beautiful looking signal blocker. It is unique in design and is handmade using tweed from the Isle of Harris in Scotland. Tweed like this is a fantastically useful material for the outside of the pouch as it is water and wear resistant. It is also hard-wearing and abrasion resistant.

MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker

This case for your car fob or phone also doesn’t look as if that is what it is inside, which also helps deter thieves from discovering the pouch. It is extremely well crafted and includes a small D ring for the pouch to be attached to your bag, or somewhere to prevent it being snatched of you, or to attach a handle to.

To the inside of the pouch is a gold liner this is an RFID blocking sleeve that is the section that is the signal blocker, proventing car fob signal, WIFI, 4Gand NFC. It will easily fit any car fob or mobile phone, there is some give to the fabric. Then this will easily fit in your bag and you could potentially squeeze it into a pocket.

MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker in car


What we really like about this company is that they have a couple of versions of the Harris Tweed faraday signal blocking pouches. Below you can see a smaller version, in grey which has a keyring lock on it which makes it a little bit more practical as well.

monojoy harris tweed faraday key fob signal blocker pouch


The smaller pouch can only fit in an electronic keyless car fob key, but that is all you need for this security feature. Just like the larger wallet sized version, it protects you from different wireless insecurities.

If you want a smaller option with all the security features, this should be your choice.

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful design
  • Hardwearing
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Ptime
  • Wear and water resistant
  • Suitable for car fobs or phones
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Need to wait a minute to be secure
  • Make sure to fully seal it closed for it to work

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a beautiful signal blocker case, handmade, unique and keeps your private data and belongings safe. Both of the Harris Tweed Faraday Pouches look really good and do exactly what you want of them, protect you from getting your car stolen.

MONOJOY Faraday Bag for Car Keys, Car Key Signal Shielding Box, RFID Anti-Theft Leather Remote Key Case with Hook and Key Ring (Red)
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19 x 11 cm



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