Review of Kingleting Heated Car Seat Cover with Heat Control

A review of the Kingleting heated car seat cover, a plush and stylish heated seat cover with a minimal design, we look at how it performs in our car and our thoughts.


As you can see, this is a fantastic looking heated car seat cover, the best looking we have reviewed. It is super slim and has a low profile look. This is more of a heated mat that fits on your car seat than a heated cushion, as it doesn’t offer any extra cushioning your car doesn’t already have.

First thoughts, it’s easy to fit and warm with it’s impressive heating control. We had it fitted to our front seats in 30 seconds and were sat down enjoying it as it began to warm up.

With a hook underneath that fits on to your car seat movement handle and a clip that fits around your head rest, all we had to do was place the 12v in to our car cigarette lighter.

We fitted these in to our Panda and Peugeot, one has cloth seats and the other has leather seats and this heated car seat felt fine on both, there was no slipping around nor any problems on either of the materials. The heated mat looks fantastic and definitely suited our leather seats and didn’t protrude at all.

kingleting heated car seat cover


Because of it’s non slip base, you can be assured that whatever coth or leather seats you have, you will be fine with it on your front or back seats. It has a very simplistic and stylish look, the lead as shown above comes in from the middle of the seat so that you can keep it out of sight. This is a unique feature when comparing it to the other heated car seats and means that not only do you have a nice looking heated seat cover, it doesn’t have its wires all over the place.

The heating settings are very easy to use and you have a display which shows what heat you want. The heat doesn’t stay on though, it has a security cut-off which means that if you sit on it for more than 10 minutes it will turn itself off. This isn’t an error with the build and its hard to work out in the instructions but this does happen.

Just like the others it has a really long cigarette lighter cable so you can fit it under or around your seats and it will reach.

As well as this, they also do a seat pad, which is slimline just like it and would look fantastic in any car, if you don’t want to ruin the look of your interior or car seats, this is the car seat cushion for you.

kingleting heated seat cushion

As you can see, Kingleting make some really nice products and you can’t go far wrong.


Pros & Cons

  • Slimline and doesn’t protrude
  • Looks fantastic in all cars, the best look heated car seat cushion we have tested
  • Intelligent heat settings so you can really fine tune what heat you want
  • Easy to fit on to your car seat, within 2 minutes it will be fitted and warming up
  • Non slip base, some others have the same material on both sides, this has mini rubber feet keeping it in place
  • Turns off after 10 minutes, more for protection than a fault but if its really cold, you may want it to last longer
  • Not the cheapest

Conclusion & where to buy

A fantastic, stylish heated seat cushion that will suit the look of any car. It’s a bit longer than others we have reviewed so it will fit vans, 4x4s, pickups and anything with a bigger and taller seat.

It is non-slip and its heat settings are spot on, it does a few small things but does them all really well.

KINGLETING Car Seat Covers,Universal Fit Breathable PU Leather Non-Slip Seat Protector (1 Seat,Black)



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