Review of the LemonBest Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover

This is a review of the LemonBest Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover. A quick heating and comfortable seat cushion aimed to help a driver on a cold day or with soothing back pain.



The LemonBest heated car seat cushion is intended for the drivers seat. There are elastic straps that fit around the seat pillar headrests and there is a charger that needs to go into the cigarette lighter, this works very well for cars with left hand drive but as the charger is connected from the right side of the seat cushion you will need a USB extender to reach the cigarette lighter of a right hand drive car.


The material is made of three layers of flame retardant sponge, making the seat fairly comfortable. There is are two temperatures Lo (45f/8c) and Hi (65f/19c). This seat cushion is perfect for helping soothe general back ache while driving or just if you going on a long distance drive.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides a warm constant temperature, great on cold days.
  • No noise or radiation
  • Fits a number of different car seat types
  • Helps ease back and spinal pain while driving
  • Heats up quickly
  • Is designed for left hand drive cars, you may need to buy a USB extender to connect it to your cigarette lighter
  • Not fitted tightly to the seat, has the ability to slide about

Conclusion & where to buy

The LemonBest heated car seat cushion does what it says on the box in regards keeping you warm while you are driving, however this is designed with a left hand drive in mind. For those such as in the UK with a right hand drive you will need to buy an extra extender to make this work otherwise I would recommend looking for a heated seat cushion designed for right hand drive.


97 x 47 cm


Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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