Review of Lifehammer Classic Glow emergency hammer

This is a review of the Lifehammer CLASSIC Glow emergency hammer


The Lifehammer classic is an emergency hammer your not going to miss. It comes in bright yellow and when its dark the hammer even glows in the dark. This is a very handy attribute as time is crucial in an emergency and if you have an emergency in the car… some where, that isn’t going to help you if you cannot grab it within a split second. So big thumbs up for this design feature!

Lifehammer Classic glow

This emergency hammer is also double headed and has two steel points that can be used to strike your window, to do this effectively and quickly. To the base of the hammer is a small but very sharp blade to slice through your car seat belt to help aid escape.

Lifehammer classic

It also comes on a mount to be fixed in your car, you do have the option not to fix it but I would keep it on the mount non the less to protect the stainsteel points.

Pros & Cons

  • Double headed hammer
  • Yellow unmissable colour
  • Glow in the dark design
  • Easy to grip and grab
  • Mount included
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime

Conclusion & where to buy

Whats not to like about this convenient emergency hammer. Your not going to miss this hammer in an emergency, its bright glow will guide you back on your way to safety!

LifeHammer CR-224408 Orange 2 Pack Safety Hammer Classic Auto Escape Tool (Glow In The Dark)

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as of September 17, 2023 12:20 pm


23 x 7.6 x 4 cm



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