Review of Osprey Ultralight Zip Wash Bag

A review of the Osprey Ultralight Travel Zip Wash Bag.


This is a review of the Osprey Ultralight Zip Up Toiletry Bag which comes with 6 pocketable areas inside for you to pack your toiletries away in.

We emphasise that this is ultra-light and also small. There are pros and cons to it’s sizing but overall, for us, who like to travel with less, means that this is more of a positive than a negative.

It comes in many different colours, which we like and its dimensions are 6″ x 3″ x 9″, we said it was small. You are only going to fit items no longer than 9″ long, the position of the pockets means that items smaller than this will fit fine.

osprey ultralight zip wash bag

On the back it has two straps which you can utilise and attach it on to another bag of yours. It’s 6 sections inside are made up of 4 zipper pockets and 2 slide in half size pockets. On the outside is a single zipper pocket, great for items that you may use regularly, like chap stick or deodorant, we really like this feature. If you keep the toiletry bag accessible in a larger bag or part of your car whilst traveling, you know something is you’ll need throughout the day is accessible.

It has a hook so that you can hold it up when you are at your destination and make the items inside easier to access. This is a common and required feature of toilet bags.

osprey ultralight zip wash toiletry bag

The outer zipper wraps all the way around its thin nylon material. You can also think of this as a great pencil case or mini-tool kit case too.

osprey ultra light toiletry wash bag

The bottom section is see through which and detachable, another great little feature, here you can put important items or things that you want to be able to see and access quickly.

Weighing just 120grams, it’s a lightweight option compared to other travel toiletry bags.

When using it, even with its 6 pockets and compartments, it is a very small toiletry bag. We managed to fit in to it the following items:

  • Small bar of soap shampoo in container
  • 2 bamboo toothbrushes
  • 1 toothpaste folded in half
  • Pain killers
  • Small tub of deodorant
  • Chapstick for lips

There was room for other small items, like a razor, but we like to keep it simple and this suits us fine. For others who may use larger products, this isn’t the toiletry bag for you.

We recommend adding a mini head torch in one of the pockets, so wherever you are, whatever you need, you can grab this out and easily get what you need done.

osprey ultra light toiletry zip up wash bag

Another neat little feature of this zip up travel toiletry bag by Osprey is the see through compartment which you can see above. It is detachable so you can carry it separately if you desire and put things in it that you want to see. Great for loads of little items as you can see what you are grabbing.

The nylon feels nice and keeps the bag light in hand and the zips feel great, we like the extra pull cord feel on the larger zips and overall enjoyed testing this out on recent small trips.


Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Good design, can be used in many ways storing many different things, not just toiletries
  • Nice colors to choose from
  • Feels good in the hand and all zippers worked nicely
  • An Osprey product, so you know some time and thought has gone in to it
  • We feel like it should last you a good few years use
  • Not the cheapest, especially compared to other toiletry bags which are bigger, waterproof and cheaper

Conclusion & where to buy

A fantastic little product, we loved this little Osprey Toiletry Zip Up Bag and it suited us perfectly, especially because we like to keep the products we take with us down to a minimum. We could put everything we needed for two people in to this, no matter where we travel, it helps we have hardly any bathroom products as it is and even more so that we don’t use plastic bottled toiletries.

We highly recommend it as a multi-use zip up organiser bag as you could put ID or other items of need in to the see through, transparent pouch that comes with it too.

Osprey Europe Wash Bag Zip Accessories, Venturi Blue


3 x 6 x 9inch


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