Review of Lifemax Heated Back and Car Seat Massager

The Lifemax heated back and seat massager aims to relieve any aches and pains around your hips, thighs and back. Not only can this massager to be used in your car, it can be used in the home and office too.



The lifemax seat and back heated massager is made to fit either your drivers seat or front passager seat. It comes with both a mains charger and car charger allowing you to also use the lifemax seat and back heated massager at home too. The massager comes with a connected strapping system to attach to many styles of seats and has what looks like long lasting comfortable cushion pads.


The lifemax seat and back heated massager requires power from your cigarette lighter, this can cause problems if your car does not have one (for example some fiat pandas) and the wires connecting to the cigarette lighter are to the right hand side which does not make this easy if you are driving a right handed drive car which most people will be doing in the UK. If you alternatively decide to use it at home or at work there is a mains adaptor to plug into the mains, so you should be fine to move it from any seat in your home to your car if you have a long journey planned. The materal is made from a comfortable fake suede with three heated vibrational pads located at the back section of the cushion relieving any back ache and a further two heated vibrational pads located on the seat base which works well for your hips and thighs.

The lifemax seat and back heated massager also comes with an integrated timer option to adjust the timer length of heat and vibration from 15, 30 or 60 minutes long. The massager also allows for a person centred approach providing you with 5 different massage styles (pulse, kneading,auto, tapping and rolling) and 4 different intensities. The lowest intensity is very gentle therefore if you are looking for a seat with powerful vibrations I would advise you to look elsewhere as you will be required to turn this model up to its highest intensity to get power and with the power also comes a loud uncomfortable buzzing sound. If however a gentle vibration is all you require the lifemax works well.


Pros & Cons

  • Portable, can be moved easily between cars
  • Multiple vibration and intensity choices
  • Comes with a remote and inbuilt timer option
  • A great help if you are a car driver with back trouble
  • Can be delivered quickly with amazon prime
  • Has dual purpose as both a massager and heated seat back cushion
  • Fire retardant
  • The vibrations are very gentle, requiring you to turn the intensity up high for more noticable vibrations
  • It can become very loud when on its highest intensity level
  • Wires are on the right hand side being more suited to left hand drive cars

Conclusion & where to buy

The lifemax heated seat and back massager is multi purpose for car and home use, it covers massaging a number of areas that can help soothe aches and pains whether you suffer with back trouble normally or you are off on a long distance drive. Having a choice of different massage options allows it to be made tailored to your needs. What lets the seat down is if you do require a good powerful vibration, the noise that comes with having it on the highest intensity makes it less appealing. This massager would suit either a left hand drive car or a right hand drive car front passenger seat and someone who is after a choice of vibration styles but is content with a gentle type of vibration.

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