Review of Xtremeauto Heavy Duty Universal Dog Guard Boot Barrier

A universal dog guard barrier to fit to your headrests on your rear seats, it is height and width adjustable and should fit your car, whether that is an suv, estate, hatchback or 4×4.


A solid dog guard barrier that we tested in our car and with our little pup in the boot. It fits really easily, although the instructions are not very good, it wasn’t too hard to work out. It comes with 3 metal wired sections which you place on to your headrests with the grips provided. They hook on to your headrest supports and tighten in place. We had no problems getting it in to position and once set up seemed really secure and strong. We have a small car and it was perfect for this, there may be trouble with getting it to fit the entire width of really large cars. If you don’t have a puppy though, that should be fine as medium sized dogs wouldn’t be able to fit through the gaps on either end.

You get the mesh wire sections and fittings to your headrests, you need headrests for this dog guard to fit above your rear seats, there is no other way of securing it. If you don’t have headrests on your back seats then this dog guard will not work with your car. It doesn’t attach to the sides, back seat or roof of your car, you’d have to choose one of the others we have reviewed which secure with legs from the roof to the boot floor. When fitting, it may help if you have two of you as when we fitted it, it was fiddly with holding the sections in place and making sure everything was tight enough so that it didn’t move around.

xtremeauto dog guard barrier for boot


Obviously the dog doesn’t come with the kit, but everything else in the above photo does. As you can see, not much to it.

The wire mesh is not the thickest, it’s advertised as heavy duty but is actually quite thin. It will though do it’s job of stopping your dog from getting out of the boot and in to the back seats or rest of the car. A good thing with the mesh wiring is that it stops your larger dog from getting its feet and paws on to your family and friends sat on the back seats. If you have just been the beach or for a long walk on muddy trails, this will stop your dog from climbing on to the shoulders of your passengers, which is great.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple dog guard that will keep your dog in the boot and out of your back seats
  • Colour will suit any car
  • Not very expensive
  • Adjustable for any width car
  • Mesh stops larger dogs from getting their muddy paws on people in the back seat
  • You need headrests on your rear seats if this is to fit, without them it won’t work
  • Not heavy duty, quite flimsy metal wire
  • Hard to fit by yourself, we had two of us fit it to our back seats and that was easier

Conclusion & where to buy

A very simple dog guard barrier which just places a metal wire section across the back of your rear seats using the headrests. it is not the most heavy duty we have seen or tested but it does exactly what you need at a good price. If you have a really big car, like a 4×4 which has a lot of headroom and width, you may have a bit of space around it.

XtremeAuto® Durable Universal Deluxe Heavy Duty Dog Guard Pet Car Barrier Cage Mesh Head Rest Pet Dog Guard

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