Review of Master Lock 5414D Shackle Car Key Safe

We’re avid divers and surfers and we tested the Master Lock Shackle Car Key Safe whilst we went out in to the sea.


This is a large key safe, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, it can hold any size key you put in it, including electronic keys. What we really like is the weather shield which sits in front and on top of the combination numbers. Unlike the others it hides the front completely, making it less obvious what it is.

master lock shackled car security key lock


Another thing we liked is that the key, once in, didn’t move around, so locking the door on top of it was easy. With the Frostfire we occasionally got the key stuck in the hinge as we closed it, nothing to write home about but still a little design problem that could be fixed.

master lock car security key lock


As you can see above, there is ample space for more than one car key, so if you had a group of you heading in to the surf or for a dive, you can put a groups worth of cars in to your key safe.

What we love with the Master Lock keysafes is they come with a 30 year warranty, which is a great reassurance to their build and longevity.

We have used it a couple of times now and it has worked perfectly, we have locked it to the tow loop on the front of our car when we’ve parked at the shore, it’s out of sight and we know we have a safe car whilst we go on our adventures in the outdoors.

The only thing we weren’t happy with is that the shackle section will fit around a car door handle, it doesn’t have a rubber coating like the Frostfire does, this is why we have locked it on to our tow mount under the car.

Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy and tough car key safe
  • Has front protector shield which hides the combination and protects it further
  • Comes with 30 year “Lifetime Warranty”
  • Big enough for multiple keys, cards, etc
  • Not fully waterproof so can let water in
  • Not the cheapest of the bunch we have tested
  • It can fit around car door handles but it doesn’t have any rubber to protect your car so better on a tow loop

Conclusion & where to buy

A solid and robust car safety key box which will hold your keys and others securely when you’re out in the water or somewhere you can’t take a key.

MASTER LOCK Portable Key Safe [Reinforced Security] [Weatherproof - Outdoor]- 5414EURD - Key Lock Box with shackle

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4.6 x 10.5 x 13.5 cm


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