Review of Frostfire Mooncode Key Security Lock – The Ultimate Key Security Lock for Your Car?

This is a review of the Frostfire Mooncode security lock for keeping your keys save while you are away from your car. This particular key safe we have had for a number of years, we review our experience.


The Frostfire Mooncode is a heavy duty safe to keep your keys in. It is made from a strong weatherproof zinc alloy case and a steel shackle mechanism. We have used the Mooncode many times now. When it arrived it came in a neat plastic package with all the instructions needed written on the back.  A couple of favourite characteristics are that there isn’t much to it, in essence it is a heavy, rigid looking but portable key code safe perfect for deterring petty criminals that are near your vehicle. On the back of the key safe there is soft padding which helps when placing the lock against your car not to leave scratches or take off any paint. We have also included the Mooncode in our best car safes for outdoors enthusiasts roundup.

Frostfire Mooncode 1555 Key Lock

To open the Frostfire Mooncode, you need to make sure the digits are set to the correct numbers, if yours is brand new it will be 0-0-0-0. You can then pull the door open. The door of the Frostfire Mooncode is the heaviest part to the safe which is quite different to other portable key safes. Due to the heaviness of the door once the key code is correct if the Mooncode is sat up vertically the door will fall open. Once the compartment door is open you can see that there is a good amount of space provided inside, I have stored up to 4 car keys happily inside. I would suggest taking of car fobs or key ring accessories as there shackle needs to come down quite far into the the compartment when locking and random shaped items attached together could cause the shackle to not come out and leave it attached to your car. I would keep to using just the keys themselves inside it.

Frostfire Mooncode 1555 Key Lock Car

To attach the shackle to your car, find a secure as well as accessible spot as you will need to do an all in one action to attach it. Once the Mooncode is open you will see there is a small lever to the top left you will need to swipe this to the right and this will unlock the shackle. You pull the shackle up and out, attach it around the what you have decided to attach it to and with your keys/belongings in the safe close the door and scramble the numbers around. It needs to be done in this order as it will not lock. Make sure to fully clip in the shackle at the top before closing the compartment door. A number of times just before going surfing doing this in a rush I have tried to close the compartment door without the shackle fully in, causing it not to close and lock. Additionally another error is the key code being opened in the correct number code but then while finding a secure place to attach it you slightly move one of the number around a little this again will cause it not to lock. So it is worth fully understanding how the Mooncode works before setting out on an adventure with it as it can be quite frustrating.

It is fairly easy to change the code on the inside of the compartment draw in the lower right corner there is a silver switch. You need to push this over and up then go back to the front and but the number digits how you want them. Move the same silver switch down and back across, close the door and it should now have reset the code.

The Mooncode is weatherproof however I would recommend trying to keep it as dry as possible and when your get saltwater on the key safe after surfing to wipe it off with a damp freshwater then dry cloth. Our Mooncode after a few years in now suffering with a few rust issues and the shackle had become a little sluggish in use, just requiring a little WD40 really. As the number dial is exposed to the elements, the dial has also become a bit stiff, again nothing a little WD40 wouldn’t solve.


Pros & Cons

  • Strong zinc alloy casing
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Soft grip handle
  • Foam backing to prevent scratches to your car
  • 4 digit number code
  • Good value for money
  • Can be used as a portable or wall mountable key safe
  • Next day delivery available with Amazon Prime
  • Great for surfers, water sports enthusiasts and campers
  • No cover for the number dial
  • Requires regular cleaning/maintenance
  • Can be a little fiddly on cold fingers

Conclusion & where to buy

The Frostfire Mooncode is designed with outdoor people in mind, having had ours for a number of years it still being in use I can highly recommend even with its few quirks and maintenance needed.

Frostfire Mooncode - Portable Key Storage Security Lock


interior dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2.8 cm



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