Review of Master Lock Digital Security Box

This is a review of the Master Lock Digital Security Box


The Master Lock Digital Security Box looks and behaves like most house safes but is smaller measuring in at 20.1 x 25.4 x 7.4 cm. Master Lock design many household safes ranging from £30 to £400 in price, the also make a car security safe that is lockable to the outside of your car (for example if you are going surfing). Based on their knowledge and experience as a brand at first glance this really does look like a robust, thief deterrent box.

Master Lock Digital Security Box Open

The box itself is made from a steel construction, it looks well made however in comparison to other travel safes we have tried the actual box material is rather thin and feels more like a tin can which has to be its major downfall. The heaviest bit is on the underneath of the box lid where the digital mechanism sits, inside this silver section you will find a lift out draw with a compartment that fits 4 AA batteries. Unfortunately there is no alarm that goes off when the batteries run out so you wont know.

To set your first PIN code, press the red button setting code on the inside of the lid. The light on the front will turn orange and two beeps will be heard, press the star key to confirm the code. You will need to create a PIN number between 3-8 digits long, this makes all the difference instead of it being a manual 3 code number wheel. Make it with the most digits possible that you can easily remember. The box also comes with an option to create 2 PIN numbers so that two different people can access the box with the own individual PIN number or incase you forget one. These PIN numbers can be reset and there is an override option by using a key (2 keys are supplied). To unlock and lock you just need the correct PIN and to move the dial position to the unlock or lock symbol. Once the PIN is inputted correctly a green light with flash.

Master Lock Digital Security Box Closed

There are unfortunately three things you need to REMEMBER to be able to use this car travel security box.

1. Your PIN Number

2. Not to loose the keys

3. To add batteries and replace the batteries when needed

Although these features provide better security, it doesn’t work well if the only person it keeps your belongings from is you. This isn’t the best option if you are forgetful, using a simpler device with a smaller number key combination will work better.

Once the box is unlocked and you open it, it is spring loaded to open quickly. The inside of the box is also well designed, the lid has a gentle closing hinge so not to quickly slam down on your fingers. At the base of the box is a layer of foam for your valuables to sit on top of. This has to be the biggest travel safe providing 2 litres of space, we have tried I managed to put my CAT S60 phone, wallet, cards, GPS system and important documents inside.

Extra features to the car safe are helpful accessories such as the carry handle to the top of the case for transporting to and from your vehicle. Once filled the box can feel a little heavy but before that it is still heavy at around 2.3kg but is carryable. There is also an 88 cm plastic coated braided steel cable to tether the box to a sturdy place in the car. We positioned it easily under the passenger seat and actually managed to fit in in the under compartment in the boot that contains our spare tyre. The tether really helps to attach it to a place very inconvenient for someone trying to steal it to remove it from.

Pros & Cons

  • Made from steel
  • Foam insides protect your valuables
  • Easy to use
  • Has a carry handle
  • Available for next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Gentle closing lid
  • Flimsy box construction
  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Remebering to change the batteries

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a well thought out portable travel security box, two ways to open the box by combination or key and fairly easy to use. What lets it down is the flimsy construction to the safe, it still makes it child proof, a good thief deterrent and if used with the tether can provide a potential thief with a really hard time in getting to your valuables if they are hidden away in this under your car seat and out of sight.

MASTER LOCK Fireproof Security Safe [Fire resistant] [Small] - L1200 - For ID papers, Pictures, Small Electronics, Storage Devices

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20.1 x 25.4 x 7.4 cm



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