Review of MasterLock Lock Box for Keys

This is a review of the Master Lock Lock Box for keeping your keys safe. We test out how effective it is when using it to keep your car keys safe in while away from your car.


The MasterLock Lock Box provides you with a secure place to put your keys while you are away from your vehicle it you are doing an activity where you don’t want to take your car keys with you.

The lock box is heavy duty and the lock mechanism appears of a good quality.

To open the lock box firstly you will need to pull down the dial cover to reveal the numbers. The numbers are pretty small however I guess this does make it harder to anyone who maybe watching you to see the code. If this is the first time you have used it and the lock box is brand new the key code will be 0 – 0 – 0 . Push on the door to release and pull the door open. You can then add your keys, now because of the large locking mechanism I found that realistically you can only get in about 2 keys maximum and these keys could be two small Yale style keys or one car key. Once you have your key(s) in close the compartment door. Push and hold the door while scrambling the number dial round and then slide up the dial cover.

Master-Lock-Box-Keys Open

To reset the number code you will need to find the reset lever in the compartment in the top right corner of the compartment door, push the lever left and pull forward. Move the number dial to the the number code you would like and then push the reset lever back which will spring back to original position.

The handy part to this lock is the ability to attach to pretty much anything secure, my partner and I regularly like to go surfing so we tried the MasterLock out on our car. To attach, you will need to open the lock box (as above) you will find a small lever on the inside of the compartment to the top left (be careful not to get this confused with the reset lever on the top right or you will be resetting your number password). Push the lever to the right and hold, this should release the shackle so that now you can pull it up and out of the lock at the top. We quite easily attached the shackle around the tow hook of our car, depending a point on your car which allows you to attach this could mean this part is a little fiddly. Once attached close the compartment door shut and scramble the numbers, pull the dial cover up and your key is now safely in the lock ready for you to go and enjoy your activity with peace of mind.

Before purchasing this lock I would check the internal dimensions with your car key size to see whether it fits properly as the internal space is very small.

To protect your locking mechanism I would recommend to store it with the compartment door closed to prevent the mechanism rusting. Also try to keep it somewhere dry such as your glove box to prevent moisture or dirt getting into the shackle lock. The overall size of the lock is quite small so is easy to otherwise take with you if unable to store in your car or if you travel in a friends car.


Pros & Cons

  • Heavy duty material
  • Suitable for up to two yale size keys
  • Strong lock
  • Resettable key combination
  • Has a handle
  • Can be attached at various points of the car
  • Next day delivery available with Amazon Prime
  • Small internal compartment
  • Not suitable for large built in remote lock keys

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a small lock although only providing a tiny space suited for Yale keys and possibly your car key the lock is strong, robust and will be more than suited to keeping your key(s) safe while away from your vehicle.

MASTER LOCK Light Up Dials Key Safe [Weatherproof - Outdoor] [With Shackle] [Medium Size] - 5424EURD - Key Lock Box

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Internal dimensions: 68 x 78 x 32 mm



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