Review of Northcore Keypod

This is a review of the Northcore Keypod, a surfing brand known for making surf accessories such as dry robes we see how well their Key Pod functions in keeping our car key safe.


Before trying this out with our car we had a good look at its new design, this is the 5th generation model of the Northcore key pod already from first glance you can see its extra strong and that there is now a 4 digit code rather than 3 numbers.



The keypod is pretty heavy but this is down to the many steel parts to the structure. As a brand new model, the digit number code will be 0 -0 – 0- 0.   To open the keypod once you have have turned the numbers to the correct number code, it is very simple. You just need to pull up the shackle at the top and will open the keypod key compartment. I have to say I was both very impressed by the simplicity of this and the large compartment. Proving a good deal of space for not only my car key but our friends car key, there would easily be enough from for credit cards/cash in there as well. The strength to this keypod is also clearly seen by the steel material,  thick quality of the shackle and with the duel locking system, there is also a strong steel pin that acts as the pivot point.



To reset the number code, put the dial to 0-0-0-0 and raise up the shackle and swing it to the right and push it down. Change the number to the number code you wish to use and then raise the shackle up again swing it back round and lock it in.

When attaching to your vehicle, choose a secure and stable place such as your tow hook or door handle if possible. There is soft foam padding to the back of the keypod which will prevent it from leaving any marks or scratches on your vehicle.

The keypod is weatherproof but I would recommend using a cloth to wipe it down especially if you are using it for going surfing as saltwater will encourage the steel to rust and apply oil to the parts to ensure it continues to function well for years.

Pros & Cons

  • Super strong alloy structure
  • Large amount of internal space for a set of keys
  • Strong fastening mechanism
  • 10mm steel shackle
  • 4 digits rather than 3 for extra security
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Soft foam backing to key pod prevents scratches to car
  • Can be attached to any suitable part of your car

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a great device for outdoor and water sport enthusiasts, designed specifically for your car with its steel strong, weather resistant, back padded design. If you are still hiding your key above one of your car wheels you need to be seriously considering the Northcore Keypod

Northcore Keypod 5GS- Key Safe Lock Box

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Internal Dimensions: L 9cm x W 6.3cm x D 2.8cm



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