Review of Me & My Pets Car Seat Cushion Bed

In this review we take a closer look at the Me & My Pets car seat cushion bed


The Me & My Pets travel bed comes in one size suitable for small dogs.

Me & My Pets Car Seat Cushion Picture

The bed is square in shape which I feel fits well on our car back seat. The material is water resistant, fully machine washable and the cushion is removable allowing for extra ease of cleaning. On the base is a non slip material to help keep the bed in place on the car seat.  As well as providing a comfortable spot for your dog while you travel it also helps keep your car clean from dog hairs and dirt from muddy paws as this will collect in the dog bed which can be taken from the car and cleaned.

Me & My Pets Car Seat Cushion Close Up

There are hoops on one side of the bed so that the seat belt can go through the hoops and into the belt buckle keeping the travel bed securely fitted to the car seat. There is also extra security in that the Me and My Pets travel bed also comes with an attached clip that allows you to secure your dog while travelling to the bed using their dog harness. The attachment lead and clip however is fairly small and doesn’t have much give, OK for small dogs that don’t need to move a little to get comfortable, otherwise it would be worth purchasing a separate dog car harness or lead that is longer for a slightly bigger than small or wriggly dog.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides safe travel for your dog
  • Comes with attachment clip for your dogs harness
  • Comfortable, every dog should love to curl up on this dog car seat cushion
  • Hard wearing water resistant material
  • Suitable for puppies
  • Only suitable for small dogs
  • The length of the lead clip is short

Conclusion & where to buy

The Me & My Pets travel bed is a great little bed for small dogs and puppies, providing comfort, safety and a smart way to travel.

Me and My Pets Car Seat Cushion Bed - Black


45cm x 40cm x 14cm



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