Review of the Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier

This is a review of the Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier that we have tested out to see whether it transports our favourite feline happily.


The Catit Cabrio cat carrier is made from a strong sturdy plastic acrylic. There are vents along both side panels of the plastic carrier and on the front door providing excellent ventilation for your cat. The first door is also clear allowing you or while driving your passengers to keep an eye on your cat. At the front there is a feeding tray with two sections for food and water, this is a removable tray but it will leave a bit of a gap at the front if permanently removed.

Catit Design Cabrio Carrier Packet


It arrives with you flat packed and you will need to put together three sections the top and bottom half fix together and then you will need to clip in the front section. Once assembled it feels pretty robust, however I would say it isn’t the easiest to put back down to flat, to store away and I would advise against this as doing this may make the carrier less sturdy.

One fantastic component to the Catit cat carrier is that there is an opening at the top, therefore no coaxing your cat into the carrier just lifting them gently into the top, perfect. There is also a decent amount of space in the carrier which may even be able to carry two cats together unless they are  large breeds such as a Maine coon I would recommend they have the carrier to themselves for comfort.

I could easily say this particular carrier works well for both small journeys to the vets or longer journeys for when your taking your cat with you on holiday or moving house. As there are no particular attachments to help secure the carrier in the car you will need put a selt belt though the handle section at the top before putting the belt into the buckle this should keep the carrier secure while traveling in your car.


Pros & Cons

  • Top opens up to allow you to place your cat in the carrier stress free
  • There is a strong intergrated handle and shoulder strap
  • The floor of the carrier is skid resistant to prevent your car sliding around while transporting
  • Comes in three colours pink, orange and white.
  • The clear front door enables passengers in the car to keep an eye on your cat
  • With vent openings on the sides of the carrier and on the front doors provides good ventilation for your cat
  • An internal collection gutter provides an extra compartment that collects any split water or little accidents
  • The Carrier is flight airline approved
  • It states airline approved, however I would double check this with your airline prior to buying if you are planning on plane travel as well as car travel for your cat
  • It will not fold flatpack
  • There are no particular attachments that make it designed for the car you would not to add these yourself

Conclusion & where to buy

The Catit cat carrier is a roomy transporter for any cat small or large. Robust, ventilated and stress free for your kitty. I would not say it has been specifically designed for car travel in mind as there is no specific fastener but features of the carrier allow it to sit and secure more than adequately while travelling in the car.

Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier, Blue Grey

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