Review of Mobicool MB32 32L Electric 12V Cool Bag

This is a review of the Mobicool 32L Electric 12V Cool Bag, a plug in cool bag which you can use in your car, at an event or whilst camping to keep food, drink, medicine cool. It runs off of ambient temperature making the inside 15c cooler than outside and is a fold away bag.


An electric cool bag, we’ve looked at this product to see how it compares to the other 12v and plug-in cool boxes to use in your car. Because it’s a cool bag, it has one positive and one negative, the positive being that it can be folded up and packed away in to such a smaller space than any other which isn’t being used, this also means it weighs less. The negative point it that the fabric doesn’t insulate and keep the internals as cool compared to a hard plastic box.

It is 32L so one of the biggest we have looked at, it’s a great size and because of this you can fit in a lot of food and drink, including plenty of wine, it will easily fit in 6, maybe more wine bottles, especially good if you are heading to a party for the evening and want to take drinks which need cooling before they are drank.

mobicool mb32 32L electric cool bag


We really like the look of this bag, it’s sturdy, zippers feel well made and strong and it looks like it will do a fine job at keeping our  food and drink cool. Like the 24L Cool Box, it works on an ambient temperature of the outside and will simply cool the bag internals to 15c below your outside temperature. If you are in a warm car, expect this to be somewhere around 10c.

Although it looks great, we tested it with various food items and drinks on a long journey. The drinks it was great, we could unzip, grab a drink and it was cold and refreshing. The same could not be the same for the food, our food spoiled after a long 8 hour drive, we could have eaten and drank before this but it was a test to see how it would do and if it was left all day.

It does look like a great product but the internal cooling mechanism just isn’t strong enough or the insulation properties of the fabric aren’t good enough. Also placing it own in your car, because it’s a bag, it will lose it’s shape, unlike the cool boxes.

This makes things worse when you unplug the bag, if left in a warm car or unplugged for some time, it will warm up within just an hour or two.

Pros & Cons

  • Looks awesome and feels really robust and sturdy for a bag
  • Will keep bottles of wine, beer cool and refreshing on warmer days, perfect to take to an event
  • Lighter than the others at only 2KG
  • Has a carry strap so you can put it over your shoulder to carry around
  • It won’t keep much else cool enough and not for long enough either, food will spoil in this cool bag
  • Not the cheapest out of the ones we have looked at

Conclusion & where to buy

This electric cool bag will keep drinks cooler, food cold for a few hours journey but won’t do much more than that. If you are wanting to keep food that may spoil or go off for a few days, this is not the cool bag for you. If you just want it for long car journeys and to keep wine and food chilled then it would suffice, but not for any long adventure and especially not for food that will spoil, it just doesn’t get cold enough.

MOBICOOL MB32 DC Thermoelectric Cool Bag, Blue, 32 Litre 12 V

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