Review of Mobicool T08 8L Thermoelectric Cool Box

This is a review of the car specific electric cool box by Mobicool, the T08 a plug in 8L electric cool box.


This is an 8L capacity electric cool box by Mobicool, unlike the cool bag which we have also reviewed, this cool box seems to actually keep the food and drink inside it cold. It is of a sturdy and well built build and has been made specifically for travelling in your car. Could this be the best electric car fridge and cool box available?

Like the others, place it in your vehicle and plug it in, on this model you select to turn it on and hat setting you want it at. It will aim for 20c below the ambient outside temperature, which is much better offering than most of the others which aim for 15c below ambient temperature, I think what helps it with this is it’s small size.

It has a shoulder strap and a section to wrap a car seat belt around to keep it secure, but if you are two of you in the front, this will easily fit beneath in the passenger seat foot well and will still leave space for your passengers legs and the cable will easily reach from that position.

mobicool t08 8L car fridge cool box


Because of it’s size compared to others it will struggle to fit in any medium or large sized bottles. It states it will fit in a 700ml bottle lying down at the bottom and it probably will, we tried it with a 500ml bottle and that fitted with ease. When packing it, we recommend that you pack everything loose inside and that way you will fit more in it. Yes, things may move around or get in the way of each other but if you packed in boxes you’ll definitely fit in less.

We did not test it’s heating function but it does come with one and when you put in hot food, it should maintain the foods heat and not lose any of it. It won’t warm up food from cold for you, if that is what you are after.


Pros & Cons

  • Well made, feels really sturdy, especially being smaller
  • Keeps food and drink items inside cold, colder than any other we have tested
  • You can fit it in to different positions in your car or van, foot well, in between seats or even on a seat
  • When unplugged it stays cold for hours, helped by getting colder whilst plugged in and its small size
  • Has a shoulder carry strap so you can take it between places with ease
  • Doesn’t fit bottles in any bigger than 700ml
  • You only get the 12V power supply to plug in to a car cigarette lighter, costs more for UK 3 pin plug adapter
  • It is small, if you are after cooling multiple bottles, keeping food from spoiling then maybe too small for you, the reason it stays so cold though is due to how thick the outer walls of the cool box are

Conclusion & where to buy

If you only have a select few items or you pack the electric cool box well and store large drinks outside, this is an amazing little plug-in 12v cool box for your car. You can put it near enough anywhere and if you have a campervan or van you could even get it in-between seats as well.

It has a carry handle you can put over your shoulder and stays warm long after being unplugged. If you need more than some food items and a small bottle though you might have to look elsewhere.

Or if you think it’s big enough, you’ll enjoy how quiet this little cooler fridge is and how convenient it is to have.

Mobicool MT08 DC - 8 L Thermoelectric Travel Coolbox And Warmer, Metallic Blue – 12 V


20 x 44 x 30 cm


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