Review of Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit

This is a review of the Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit


The Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit is as it says luxurious. It comes in a stylish sturdy carry case. That is particularly spacious inside. This allows for organisation of the products inside. It has a zipped exterior and a carry handle to the top. Inside there is netting and separate compartments. There is more than enough space to fit further Muc-Off products that are not included in this kit such as the Muc-Off Soft Washing Brush.

Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit

The interior of the case has netting to help keep bottles from moving. The netting ozzes punk netted tights, very neon but also feminine.

Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit

The Muc-Off wheel cleaner uses a biodegradable alkaline formula. Spray vigourosly It safely and effectively removes grime, road dirt and brake dust. Once sprayed on it just needs brushing into and around the wheels and then rinsing off.

Muc-Off Car Valet Kit

The best brush to use is the wheel and component brush, it is slim and has an ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable to use and grip. The brush is shaped and designed to fit through the wheel edges, rim and alloys.

The Muc-Off car shampoo uses an intensive pH balanced formula that emulsifies dirt and grime, added to water it produces a foamy lather. Although this liquid is pink it actually smells of delicious apples. It leaves the car clean without streaks and spots.

The Muc-Off speed wax gives the effect of a long time spent waxing your car when in fact it has taken a few minutes. After only a few seconds of spray leaves a protective reflection finish.

Muc-Off Car Valet Kit


The big pink sponge is longlasting and comes very small but expands out to a handy size that is comfortable to use and covers an wide surface area.

Lastly the Muc-Off Glass Cleaner leaves your window sparkly clean, cutting through dirt and grime thats built up on your window. It is safe for all types of windows and glass even the glass on your sat nav.  It also works well on carbon fibre, vinyl.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish and luxury gift for car lover
  • Large spacious and sleek carry case
  • Easy to use and apply bottles
  • Colourful package
  • 5 Cleaning Tools
  • Uses biodegradable, safe to use products
  • A little pricey

Conclusion & where to buy

The Muc-Off Luxury Car Valet Kit is a vibrant, fun but also effective cleaning kit perfect with space to add more to the kit bag.

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