Review of Carplan Demon Gift 8 Piece Cleaning Kit

This is a review of the Carplan Demon Gift 8 Piece Cleaning Kit


The Carplan cleaning kit by Demon is an eight part kit that comes in a well designed and fun logo box. Which already makes it quite the fun gift for those who love to clean their car. It does seem to be missing the Demon Wash bottle but as this is designed for heavy dirt and grime patches unless you are living out in the countryside where your car gets heavily dirty you can see why it has not been included and why you could always buy this additionally if needed.

This kit includes:

  • Demon Wash Snow Foam Shampoo 1L
  • Demon Spray On Shine 1L
  • Demon Clean 1L
  • Demon Wheels 1L
  • Demon Tyres 1L
  • Large Sponge
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Mighty Oak Air Freshener

Car Plan Demon Cleaning Gift Set

Demon Foam Shampoo allows for your standard 3 caps full into a bucket of warm water before dunking your sponge in to then lather up your car with. It produces a dense snow foam that is a pleasant cherry fragrance. Demon also do a larger bottle a 2L which is much more user friendly in its application, with an added nozzle for you to attach the bottle to your hose pipe and then spray the wash fluid over your car. This larger bottle is not included in the pack.

The Demon Wheels (wheel cleaner) is a safe to use on all wheel trimmings even with scuffs or damage. Make sure the wheels are cool before use. Use the sponge to aggitate the fluid after about 1 minute. This little bottle of formula helps to remove brake dust, road grime and oil and it does this fairly well although you do need to give it a good amount of elbow grease for it to do its work so I would possibly say this isn’t strong as other wheel cleaners out there.  The Demon Tyres spray is an additional shine spray to the spray on shine but for your tyres, it leaves your tyres with a glossy wet look but this only lasts a few days.

Demon Clean (Demon active super cleaner) is designed for your car interior. It is multifunctional so it can be used on the dash board, fabric and even the windows, it seems to work best when spray in patches and then rubbed with the microfibre cloth. .

The Demon Spray on Shine is great especially if you like the idea of waxing your car but just don’t have the time or drive to do it. It can be used on the outside paintwork, your car bumper and wheels. Simply spray the shine directly on to your car, it requires very little effort simply wipe with microfibre cloth and you will soon get a wax reflection like effect to your car. I would say the microfibre towel is a little small so I would purchase a few more at your local supermarket. Surprisingly the shine lasts for a week or so, even longer or less depending on your general driving location.

Pros & Cons

  • Large size
  • Great birthday or Christmas present
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Enough to several car washes
  • Small microfibre cloth
  • Wheel Cleaner not particularly quick and easy at removing dirt
  • The tyre spray on provides the “wet look” doe a few days maximum
  • Missing the Demon

Conclusion & where to buy

The Demon Gift Cleaning Kit is a fun filled large pack of cleaning your car goodies for your average car driver.

CarPlan Demon 7 Piece Car Care Gift Pack

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