Review of Nextorch Eco Star Headlamp for Vehicle Every Day Carry

One of the most important things that you can include in your car everyday carry is a head torch. With that in mind, we review the Nextorch EcoStar head torch which is a simple 2x AAA headlamp capable of 40lumens on high mode and giving enough light for any problem. Is this the perfect VEDC vehicle every day carry, we find out.


Were do we start? This is a really simple but powerful little head torch. At first glance, it’s really light, has a very simple user interface and gives off a great amount of light, in whichever way your head is facing.

Nextorch Eco Star Spec

  • The head torch weighs just 38g without any batteries inside and 61g with 2xAAA batteries
  • The headband is made of nylon and rubber and is adjustable so can be tightened and loosened for your head size
  • We are reviewing the black Nextorch Eco Star but there are other colours you can choose from
  • It is so small it can be packed away anywhere, in your car, or out on a walk
  • Has 4 light modes, brightest being 48lumens, low being 6lumens, a red LED and SOS mode
  • IPX-4 Waterproof


nextorch eco star headlamp brightness levels

Nextorch Eco Star Brightness Levels

As you can see above, there are 4 brightness modes and lumen output, each one has a great use and each are capable when needed.

Brightest Mode – High 48 Lumens

The highest and brightest mode is 48 lumens and more than capable for most outdoor activities, especially having it as a vehicle every day carry for your car. It is claimed to work for up to 8 hours on the highest mode, we tested the headlamp with rechargeable 1000 mAh Uniross AAA batteries. It uses two batteries and although we didn’t leave it turned on for a long time, we did have continual use of it for over a week in high mode (it’s brightest).

The high mode is more than good enough for anything you will need it for. I even ended up using it for trail running off-road in un-lit areas and it brightened the trails and paths ahead of me adequately. There is nothing I can think of that you would need a brighter head torch for when using it as your vehicle every day carry and car use.

Low Mode – 6 Lumens

The 2nd level, low mode is 6 lumens bright and is quite dim compared to the high mode. This brightness is only really good for up close things, just to brighten a surface or some text right in front of you at night time.

This brightness will not light up a view in front of you outdoors, but perfect for looking for something inside your car or looking at a part under your engines hood.

The great thing about this brightness is that it should last up to 49 hours, that is perfect to leave in your car or on the side or in a pocket for a few weeks at a time without charging and you’ll still have plenty of battery left when it’s needed.

RED LED and SOS Mode

The other two modes are a single red LED and SOS mode, both are great as they last so long and can be put on your head if you are standing outside your car if you have broke down and in a real emergency, maybe in the wilderness you can put the SOS mode on for others to see you.

Adjustable & Light Head Torch

This head torch is so light, it is perfect for an everyday carry or emergency head torch light because it’s light and only uses 2 AAA batteries.

When on your head you don’t even notice it is there because it’s so light and you can move the lights direction nearly 180degrees up or down to point in the direction you want. The mechanism it uses can actually be detached so you can carry your LED head torch around in your hand or place it down on a surface or somewhere small which is a great little feature.

Batteries & User Interface

It only uses 2 AAA batteries, to me, this is absolutely perfect. AAA batteries are readily available and we chose to use rechargeable batteries that will last for a year or two and can just be recharged and put back in to the head torch.

It is very very simple to use, strap it to your head and press the button in at the top, it will turn the headtorch on to one of the three static light modes. Just press in the button again to cycle through each light mode individually. To turn it off, just hold the button in longer and it will turn it off.

Cheap & Affordable Head Torch

This torch is one of the cheapest out there, but it doesn’t lose in quality, it feels like a solid and robust headlamp that will last your years. It is made of tough plastic outing which holds the 2 batteries and the LEDs. Its cheap to buy but does not feel it at all.

You could use this for camping, hiking and many other uses, we know it will be your favourite torch or headlamp you’ll ever have. It’s so cheap you might even buy 2 and we don’t blame you, we now have more on order, one for me and my partner and we will definitely be buying this for christmas and birthday presents, it’s the perfect small gift and stocking filler.

Reviews of the Nextorch Eco Star Headlamp

We have read some reviews online that we would like to answer, from our own perspective.

Dim red LED light

Yes it is dim, but it is not used for you to be able to see things, when out doing photography in the evening, the red light has been perfect for operating my camera in the dark. I can see all of the buttons on my DSLR camera and it does not affect any of my photographs and long exposures.

Does the job, just about

For the price, it more than does the job, you get a brightness that is more than good enough, even for outdoor use. It’s very light and also light on the pocket too.



Pros & Cons

  • Amazingly light
  • Only uses 2xAAA batteries, so if you choose to recharge, you can use just 2 and also if you buy a 4 pack of batteries which aren’t rechargeable, you’ll have two sets to use, one in the torch and one pair as back-up
  • Comes in multiple colours so you can choose what you like
  • Bright enough for anything you can think of, I even used the high mode for trail running
  • Batteries will last up to 50 hours in low mode for use in and around the car in an emergency, so you can just leave it there for weeks at a time
  • Really robust and waterproof, we dropped ours all the time and carried on working
  • Light section is detachable from the headband so you can place it in small areas or hold it in your hand

The only negative with this headtorch is that to get the batteries out, you need to use the battery pack key which sits on the headband. It is very hard to get the batteries out of the torch without this. What it does is help you lever the battery door open, weird design BUT it may actually be made like this to help with the robustness and keeps water out from inside and that if dropped from height it won’t pop open.

Conclusion & where to buy

An amazing little head torch, will do everything you need and won’t break the bank, you might end up buying more than one and we wouldn’t be surprised.

NEXTORCH Eco Star 2AAA Lightweight Multi-Mode Red/White LED Headlamp Color Black


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