Review of Ring RAC610 Analog Car Tyre Inflator

This is our first review of a plug-in car tyre inflator, the Ring RAC610 Analog Car Tyre Inflator.


This is the Ring RAC610 Plug In Car Pump, we’ve bought one in to test and to see how it will do with keeping our tyres safely inflated.

So lets look further in to what you get with this simple car tyre inflator and what it can do.

It will inflate your cars tyre in under 4 and a half minutes, so in totaly, that is 18 minutes to inflate all four if they are all very very low. It has a beautiful analogue gauge instead of digital so you can watch the dial move up as your cars tyre inflates. You can only inflate up to 80 PSI, so this wont work on things like road bicycle tyres but that doesn’t matter too much. The line from the device to your tyre is just under 50cm in length, so this needs to be near your tyre when you are inflating it. The power cable, which is powered by your in-car 12V cigarette lighter is nearly 3m in length, which means you’ll have more than enough length even for the biggest cars.

Can This Inflate A Flat Tyre?

Yes it can, it can inflate up to 35PSI in under 4 and 1/2 minutes.

Our front tyres, which we tested it on were sat at around 32PSI and needed to be 40PSI each and it managed to inflate these each in less than one minute.

ring rac 610 analog tyre inflator


Is This A Simple Car Tyre Inflator

It sure is, plug it in to your car charger, plug it on to your tyres valve and press start, thats it, now just watch it inflate and take it off when its pumped up enough.

What Can I Pump Up With It

It comes with a few adapters, so things like bicycle tyres (but not road bicycle tyres), footballs, inflatable toys, blow up beds etc can all be pumped up with this device. So this means it will be great for camping trips and other thigns that need inflating in your home.

ring rac 610 analog car inflator tyre


The Bad Points

It is not the fastest at inflating your tyres but what could be improved is that the analogue gauge is not pinpoint perfect. We would highly recommend you get a separate tyre gauge to double check the pressure your cars tyres are at.

Secondly, there is no automatic cut-off, so if you want to set an inflation limit for your tyre of 40PSI, which we would have liked to do, you just can’t. You have to pull the cord off of the valve or turn the inflator off.

The final point is that it can be fiddly to get the line on to the gauge if your hands are that nimble.

Pros & Cons

  • Can inflate a tyre from flat
  • Can inflate other things, like bike tyres, inflatables, beds, toys
  • Great price
  • Really simple to use
  • Fiddly valve adapter, so not the easiest for older people to use
  • Slow at inflating a tyre if from flat
  • The gauge isn’t perfect and hard to read compared to a digital reading

Conclusion & where to buy

A great little car tyre inflator that uses your cars cigarette lighter. It’s is very simple to use, but it’s simplicity also has a couple of downsides. These are that the needle may not be perfect when suggesting what PSI your tyre is at and that putting it on to the valve is not the easiest if you are older.

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