Review of NNIUK Pet Dog Safety Barrier Net

This is a review of the NNIUK Pet Dog Safety Barrier Net


The NNIUK Pet Dog Barrier provides little opportunity for your dog to hide. It provides full view for both yourselves and your dog(s) using meshing all along the barrier. The gaps are very dense so there is no opportunity for your dog to get through it.

NNIUK Pet Dog Safety Barrier Net in Use

There is no worry that the barrier will not fit a large vehicle as the length and width measures 115cm by 62cm so as dog barriers go this is pretty huge. If anything for some cars it may be a bit to big in which case it will come further around to the sides of the seat and will need to be fixed to the ceiling. The mesh netting strong and reminds me of netting you would use to carry sports gear it. It lacks any fixed or rigid ability but when pulled and fastened tightly it will not be able to move. The extra eyelets in the middle, bottom and top of the barrier provide to opportunity to increase this ability with further attachments if you purchase more yourself. I would recommend doing this if you have a small dog as they may be able to wiggle underneath the barrier if there is a big enough gap between the seats.

NNIUK Pet Dog Safety Barrier from left side

To secure the barrier in place there are 5 eyelets along the rim of the barrier and comes with four bungee cord hooks to attach around secure points in the car such as the seat brackets and even the grab handles on the ceiling of your car. What is great about this guard is that is does not rely on attaching to the headrests of your front seats for it to work.

NNIUK Pet Dog Safety Barrier Net Folded

This also has to be the easiest dog guard barrier to stow away, it can be rolled or folded down into a very tiny package to put in a bag, car side pocket or glove compartment.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong and durable
  • Barrier between front and back seats
  • Small to medium dogs cannot climb over
  • Does not require attachment to headrests
  • Mesh allows for dog to still see you and the front of the car
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Available for next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Not rigid
  • May be ripped down by a large dog
  • A small dog may wiggle underneath if the lower eyelets are not attached

Conclusion & where to buy

This is an easy to use and maintain dog guard that provides a full view through it and does not rely on the headrests to put it up.

STARROAD-TIM Dog Car Barrier Vehicle Pet Barrier Backseat Mesh Dog Car Divider Net with Adjusting Rope and Hook Suitable for SUV Pickup and Small Car (L:110 cm*60 cm)

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