Review of Wooden Karlie Dog Car Ramp

This is a review of the Karlie Dog Car Ramp, a wooden and foldable dog ramp that seems portable and practical, we take a look at how good it is in this review.


The Karlie Dog Ramp is made of a strong wood construction making it durable and sturdy. It folds out to measure 120 cm by 30 cm by 4 cm and it folds down to half its length at 60 cm by 30cm by 4cm. This makes it easy to store in the boot and because it is strong it can be stored underneath items very inconspicuously.

Karlie Dog Car Ramp being carried

There are two rope handles to help carry the ramp in and out of the car, the ramp weighs 4kg which is fairly light in comparison to other dog car ramps. It can also hold up to 85kg of dog weight so that means it can carry even the largest of dogs such a newfoundland or great Dane, a labrador will easily be able to use this aid. However the problem would be that for such a dog you would usually need a large vehicle or SUV and for the ramp being 120cm in length would make reaching the boot of a high vehicle doable but the ramp would be very steep and at 30cm wide could also be quite narrow for a large dog. The ramp has anti slip tread in repeated sections a long the surface however whether this would be enough to help an eldery extra large dog trying to get up a steep ramp to the boot of an SUV may be pushing it.

I do like the appearance of this dog ramp, it looks stylish, yet simple and a little vintage. It is easy to clean and I would say I don’t actually mind it just sat in my house.

Karlie Dog Ramp in use

To assemble it in place unhook the metal clips at the top of the ramp this will allow you to fold the ramp out for it to get to its full length. I feel it works best on estate or low riding vehicles to provide an ease of walking into your car for your dog. There is the option to use the ramp to help your dog get into the back seat of the car also as there is a strong rubber grip to the underneath of both ends of the ramp which will stop it slipping out of place.


Pros & Cons

  • Made of strong wood construction
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Folds in half and stows away easily
  • Holds up to 85kg
  • Works very well for both boot and back seat of car.
  • Not the most suitable for large breed dogs

Conclusion & where to buy

One of the nicest looking dog car ramps we have reviewed, maybe the best looking. Because it is made of wood, it could potentially rot but this might take years, compared to the plastic options that is. A quick clean down after each use will hopefully help it last for years to come.

Not the widest or longest but for small heights it should be more than fine.

Karlie Dog Ramp Car Gangway, 120 x 30 x 6 cm

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120 x 30 x 4 cm


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