Review of Palram Arcadia 5000 Carport Shelter

After something bigger, with better feature and a more finished look than the Palram Vitoria? Look no further, as we delve in to this Palram carport and see how it compares to it’s smaller brother and other car shelters on the market.


First and foremost, because this carport is much bigger, having more parts and connections than the others, do not ignore the instructions. The Palram Arcadia 500 has some of the best instructions for a product that need fitting together we’ve ever built, this includes plenty of IKEA and Costco products from over the years. The steps are very detailed and at points it mentions that you will even need 2 people to carry out certain parts of the build, do not ignore the instructions, no matter how capable you think you are. With these, me and my partner, we managed to set this carport up in one full day, we started about 10am and finished in the rain at 7pm.

Regards fitting it in to the ground, our car park space is on soft earth with gravel and grass on top. We had already set small square footings for the concrete a few days before. Because of the soft earth car park spot, we found it very hard to make all the footings level and at the same height. Two of the concrete footings were lower than the other 4 so we added some slate pieces underneath to make them all level and then bolted it down like the others.

palram arcadia 5000 carport with suv


Looks & Styling

We just had to make a section just about how good this carport looks, it’s the best we have put our car under, it actually looks too good for our countryside setting. We are constantly getting told by neighbours and family and friends how good it looks and what manufacturer it is, how much it cost, etc.


This is an incredibly solid piece of kit, will withstand high winds, even without being bolted down and has some great features as well. It comes with inbuilt side gutters, because the roof is sloping from the centre, the rain will drain towards the longest sides of the carport and in to the gutters.

palram arcadia 5000 gutter drainage


As you can see, the gutter sits along the side of the carport and has vertical poles for you to fit your own. We fitted a water butt to our gutters and drainage at the end of the carport and you can do what you want with yours.

palram arcadia 5000 fitting build


Just like the Vitoria 5000 it is made of strong and light aluminium and galvanized steel connections. You shouldn’t have any rust, rot or mold problems for years and years as it is also powder coated, which also adds to it’s great finished look. The roof panels are also completely solid, which is why we have tested this out as we park our car under a large tree. We want it to be protected through winter if any branches fall off in strong winds and if a lot of snow fall, this will keep most of the snowfall off of the car and for easy entry to the car doors. We don’t really have much sun here in the UK, but the UV protection will help make the cars paint finish last longer.

Below is a detailed image of the dimensions of the finished product.

palram arcadia 5000 dimensions


Pros & Cons

  • Solid build quality that will protect your car and last years (if not decades)
  • Looks beautiful, not just a car shelter
  • Possible to build and fit together with 2 people
  • Will easily fit extra large cars underneath
  • Great customer service and after purchase care from Palram
  • Need 2 people to build and can take a full day, if not more

Conclusion & where to buy

A solid yet beautiful carport by Palram. Will protect your car from bad weather, snow, hail and more. If you are after a serious car shelter, this could be the one.

Palram Canopia Arcadia 5000 Carport Grey-Robust Structure for Year-Round Use

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as of May 21, 2024 6:09 pm


502 x 362 x 242 cm


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