Review of PURGGO Car Eco Air Freshner

This is a review of the PURGGO Car Eco Air Freshener


The PURGOO eco air freshener is a large bamboo charcoal pad that hooks onto the back of the driver or front passenger seat. It initially feels a little bulky to be an air freshener and attaching it to head rest could appear to be less desirable for your travelling back passengers. It could do with doubling up as a cushion with its size.

PURGGO Car Eco Air Purifier


There are no diffusing chemicals, wires or charging requirements. It is as simple as taking int out of the little packet it comes in and swinging it into your car.

PURGGO car air freshener

It doesn’t need any essential oils but in the same way it doesn’t produce any sweet fragrances. It’s job is to eliminate bad odours from your car and provide it with a new freshness. You should get about 1 years worth out of the air freshener, I haven’t had it that long to fully confirm that but what I can tell you is that after a few days it seems to eliminate bad odours such as dirt, damp dog smell and the occasional smoking passenger.

PURGGO Car Eco Air Purifier

As the purifier uses sustainable materials such as bamboo and hemp is means that it is biodegradable and can be replaced without causing permanent waste to the planet. The overall design is much bigger than most other air fresheners however for the length of time you get out of it, its natural ability and neutral tones it is a surprisingly good air freshener.

Pros & Cons

  • All natural
  • No pluggins or chemicals
  • Uses bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odour
  • Well designed and made
  • Neutral pastel tones
  • Uses suistable materials
  • Safe for use with passengers with asthma or allergies.
  • Large in size
  • Could be a nussience to back passengers
  • Not next day delivery

Conclusion & where to buy

The PURGGO Car Eco Air Freshener is an all natural product with a long life span, which personally I feel is difficult to beat considering we all want to be breathing in fresh non toxic air. It may be a little on the chunky side but if you drive your car with on yourself and maybe the occasional other passenger this isn’t going to bother anyone.

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