Review of Rosewood Dog Car Guard

Another day, another dog guard for the boot of your ‘universal’ car, obviously you don’t have a universal car but this dog guard should fit in pretty much any car out there, including yours.

It’s white, made of metal, so pretty strong, has two legs which extend from the floor of your boot to the roof of your car and you don’t need headrests to secure this guard behind your back seats.

We go through and test this product to see how it holds up with our dog in the boot of the car and what we think of the build quality and its overall use.


This is a pretty affordable universal dog guard which can keep your dog where you want it, in the boot of your car. Or out of the boot if you don’t have headrests and your dog is on the back seats.


This dog guard should fit to your car, whatever you have, well, as long as it has a minimum height of 76cm, a minimum width of 90cm and maximum height 101cm and a maximum width of 140cm. We tested it in our Fiat Panda with the dog in the boot and it fits great. When we were researching this product, we found that some purchases received the guard with straight legs, rather than the angled legs you see in the picture. The only downside to this is that if your back seats are on an angle, the legs will not follow this and will come away from the rear seats at the floor. With the angled legs they will follow the angle of the rear seats which is great for space saving and looking neater.

Although it doesn’t need headrests, this dog guard comes with clips that go from the upright posts to the headrest to better secure the fitting of the whole dog guard.

rosewood dog guard boot


If your cars height is too much, you may have to add something to the bottom of the struts to fit this gap, maybe a plank of wood. Even though we have a small car, it’s pretty tall inside the boot and only just fit, if we had something bigger we would have had to add a plank of wood to make sure it had something to tighten up against.

It is easy to assemble and fit in the boot, only taking a few minutes. This is great if you wish to swap it from one car to another and you have more than one car in your family.


It has a steel wire mesh which stops the dog from getting from the boot to the rear seats, this is extendable in its width. So even the smallest dog will not get through the gaps and if you have a wide car, a 4×4 or an estate, it should cover the entire width of your boot and above your rear seats.

We used it on a few occassions and it was great going to the beach, down small back roads, over pot holes and it kept our little dog in the boot and stopped him trying to get to us in the front of the car. After going to the beach, this stopped our dog from getting his paws on to the shoulders of family sat in the rear seats of our car, this is a real positive in our view as he was trying to paw them from the boot of the car.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy to fit to any car, this means you can swap it between family cars if needs be in minutes.
  • Affordable price, so wont break the bank.
  • The wire mesh stops your dogs paws from hitting people on their heads and shoulders
  • Plastic clips which secure it can break, we were ok but they did look flimsy
  • Even though it’s universal, make sure your cars boots dimensions can fit the dog guard

Conclusion & where to buy

A great product at a good price, which will keep your dog or pet in your boot. Very easy to fit and didn’t take long to do either. We didn’t have any problems with ours, our little dog didn’t try to jump through, it was more of a visual deterrent than physical and only time will tell if it lasts for a few years and plenty of adventures.

Rosewood Dog Car Guard

as of September 14, 2023 3:15 pm


160 x 129 x 105 cm


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