Review of Speedwellstar Universal Dog Guard Car Barrier

The Speedwellstar Universal Dog Guard Car Barrier is a mid range simple to fit pet guard that can be used to keep your pet securely in the back seats on in the boot.



The guard is easy to fit and requires hooking to the headrest poles, therefore no standing poles in the boot are required providing more boot space and one less item for your dog to chew!


The guard works brilliantly at keeping your dog and passengers secure as well as allowing you to keep an eye on them with the large spaces in the mesh.



The guard is made of a steel coated mesh which is strong and sturdy. If the guard fits your car well It should not rattle and will keep even a lively dog secure. If however it isn’t quite fitting well you may find there are gaps which a dog could potentially try its best to get around. There are no sharp edges or loose pieces that could injure your pet. This speedwellstar dog guard should provide you with a long lasting car divider giving your favourite companion its own little dog cave!

We really like this mesh type dog guard, one benefit of having this is if you have a medium to large dog, it won’t be able to get it’s legs or paws through. This is great when you have people sat on the rear seats, especially after being out on a walk and your dog will undoubtedly have dirty and muddy feet.

The height is 42cm, but this is only the middle section, the two wider sections which you use to extend the width of it are actually smaller in height, about 30cm, so the far sides of the dog guard will have a smaller height. If you have a really wide car, there might be small gaps around these extension mesh panels as they aren’t as big,

Pros & Cons

  • Can attach to either the rear or front seats
  • Will fit most cars with headrests
  • Utilises the boot effectively as does not require poles to hold up the guard
  • Available for quick delivery using Amazon prime
  • Does not obstruct view through rear view mirror
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Mesh wiring can stop larger dogs from getting their paws on to the back seat
  • Requires headrests which some cars do not have on the rear seats
  • For some cars there may be gaps around the guard
  • There are cheaper models on the market

Conclusion & where to buy

This dog guard is simple to install and can be easily moved between different style cars. If it fits your car well then it will do its job well, however on the occasional car it doesn’t there will be gaps for sneaky dogs to try and get through and if your dog is strong may push it. The quality is demonstrated in the price however there are cheaper models on the market that will do a very similar job.

Speedwellstar Dog Guard Car Universal 3kg Ex Strong Fixings Travel Mesh Grill Pet Safety Barrier Adjustable Heavy Duty Headrest


Width - 89.5cm (35") * Fully extended width - 130cm (51") * Height - 42cm (16")



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