Review of Royal Rascals Yellow Baby Car Mirror

This is a review of the Royal Rascals Yellow Car Baby Mirror designed to fit to a headrest on your back seats and used to see your child from the driving seat.


Why is this baby car mirror made in a yellow trim? Well apparently, it draws our attention more naturally so that means it is safer to view your child on the back seat in a rear facing seat because we know where to look.

We didn’t seem to have any problems with the Onco when we tested that baby mirror but maybe there is some proof in their pudding?

royal rascals baby car mirror


So here it is, in all its glory, the Royal Rascal Yellow Baby Car Mirror. As you can see your child would be in the back seat in a rear facing baby chair and you can use your rear view mirror on your windscreen to be able to view the new mirror you fit on the headrests in the back passenger seats.

This is a 100% shatterproof mirror, which means in case of any accidents you wont have the mirror making any more damage. This is great for peace of mind, especially when your child is involved with a new product in your car.

Fitting this device is similar to the others, you will need a headrest on your rear seats for it to work, but its very simple if you have these. Wrap the webbing around the headrest and clip in to the opposite buckle.

From there you just position the mirror as you need it, again, like hte others we have tested and you’re ready to go. We found this whole process very easy and you should too!

royal rascals baby car mirror


It is built exactly the same way and fitted the same as the Onco, so comparing these two they are both pretty much identical, including their mirror size and movement and how they’re fitted.

Just like the Onco it depends on your headrests as to how well the mirror should fit, most will fit perfectly but you may have a headrest that isn’t the right shape or is too narrow for a really secure fitting.

Pros & Cons

  • Bright yellow so can be seen with ease
  • Easy to fit and position to see your childs face for driving
  • Great price
  • Next day delivery
  • Cant see your child at night or when its dark as there are no lights, like the Onco

Conclusion & where to buy

A solid offering from Royal Rascals, this baby mirror for your car is easy to fit and does a great job of showing you your child when you are driving. It does its job well, some people may struggle with their headrests though if they are too narrow or thin.

ROYAL RASCALS Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat – Safest Yellow Frame – Shatterproof Baby Mirror for Car - Rear View Baby Car Seat Mirror to See Rear Facing Infants and Babies

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