Review of Onco Baby Car Mirror

This is a review of the Onco Baby Car Seat Headrest Mirror which has been designed so that you can see your baby if they are in a rear facing baby seat on the back seats of your car.


You have a baby, check, it’s in a rear facing baby seat, check, you want to be able to see your little one, well, you need a mirror or two to make that happen. In this review we look at the Onco Baby Car Mirror.

This is a large mirror, roughly about the same size as most headrests of which it fits to. So make sure you have headrests on your rear seats for this baby mirror to work.

First we’ll look at the headrest mounts and how it straps in place, with which you’ll see, this Onco will fit most headrests out there and if it doesn’t we’d be very surprised.

onco baby car mirror fasteningonco car baby mirror fasteningonco car baby mirror fastening


If you have a solid headrest or not, as long as you have a headrest, you should be fine with the Onco mirror. As you can see, it straps in in a number of different ways ensuring that it gets a solid fitting and won’t come off. The last thing you want on bumpy roads is for the mirror to be thrown at your child when driving along.

It only takes a few seconds to fit in place, just clip and then tighten the webbing straps so that it is secure. Just make sure to place it on to the headrest for the seat your baby and child is sat in, this way you can link it up with another mirror on your front windscreen or just use your current rear view mirror to see your child in the back.

From there you can sit in the front as you would be when driving, and get someone to position the mirror on its pivot so that it is in the correct position, looking and facing your child as they sit in their rear facing child seat.

onco car baby mirror


The straps fit in to a plats which sits on your rear passenger headrest and holds it tight in place. On the plate you have a pivot which allows you to move the mirror in to the correct position you need. If you have a big rear view mirror on your windscreen, you might get away with being able to see this baby mirror in the back as its sat on your headrest.

You get a really nice wide view of your child, there is no zoom on this, so you’ll see their full body in the view which is great. You can choose to have a landscape or portrait view of your baby as this mirror can be spun 360degrees on its tilting mechanism ball you see in the above picture.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick to fit
  • Gives full view of baby in their rear facing seat
  • Very cheap
  • Can choose which position to put the mirror on
  • Doesn’t wobble on bumpy roads
  • Straps can come loose so just make sure when you first fit it, you do it tightly and you wont have to do it again
  • No buckle or quick release if you want to move the mirror out as you have full sized kids or adults riding in the back and need the headrest for their head

Conclusion & where to buy

A great car baby mirror, maybe the best for rear facing seats. It’s very simple and you can see the full view of your child. The mirror is good to look at, it’s sharp and you get a clear view of your child, head to toe.

Takes a minute to fit, but once in place it should be solid. Just make sure to tighten it as much as you can, as ours wasn’t that tight at first and it moved around a bit when driving.

Onco Baby Car Mirror - 100% Shatterproof Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat - Drive Safe and Monitor Your Child - Essential Baby Accessories for New Parents - Winner of MadeForMums Awards


22 x 15cm


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