Review of Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Kitchen Camping Sink

This is a review of the Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Kitchen Camping Sink


The Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Kitchen Sink is a decent size washing up bowl, even big enough to wash your feet in after a long day of walking! The bowl itself is made from an Ultra-Sil 30D siliconised CORDURA fabric. It has the capacity to hold up to 10 litres of water and around the top of the bowl is an reinforced stainless steel wire rim to keep it standing and rigid. What we did find is that your really do have to fill the bowl near enough to the brim for the bowl to hold its own, if only a small amount of water is used the bowl will remain near enough flat on the floor and pour out.

Sea To Sumit Kitchen Sink

With this camping sink what you find is that the material is very strong and waterproof able to hold water after multiple uses. It packs away to pocket size and is very lightweight meaning it is one of those handy travel items that others wish they had heard about.

Sea To Sumit Kitchen Sink

A good consideration for the product is its price and how you pack it. Due to the stainless steel wire you need to pack the sink away carefully and in a way that the wire does not become miss-shapen.

If you’re looking at using this for camping, it would be better if you had a hot water supply nearby, at the campsite you are staying at. This does not mean that you can’t use mainly cold water and add some hot water from a fresh boil, but you will have to remember that you need to fill this up as much as you can before you add dishes to wash.

Other Uses For the Sea To Summit Washing Sink

It has a 20cm diameter so you can fit small feet in it if you wish to use it as a foot bath after a long day hiking. If you have a pet you can use it as a wash bowl to help clean them off, especially if your dog is like ours and aims for the nearest puddle of mud.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pocket size
  • Can hold up to 10 litre capacity
  • Seam sealed and leak proof
  • Strong synthetic material
  • Have a Delrin stainless steel wire reinforced rim for ease of use
  • Strong Hypalon carry handles
  • To use properly it needs to be nearly or completely full or it can collapse
  • The supporting wire rim can become miss shaped when packed many times
  • A little pricey

Conclusion & where to buy

Overall the Sea To Summit Kitchen Camping Sink is an excellent travel companion for those on longer hikes as long as you have access to sufficient amount of water.

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Sea to Summit Collapsible Kitchen Sink, 10 Liter

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