Review of Spardar Car DC12V Electric Kettle

This is a review of the Spardar Car DC12V Electric Kettle. A water heating and thermos type water heater that looks the part, lets see how it does on the road.


The Spardar electric car kettle is a sophisticated looking 12v water heater. Its sleek design also encompasses the use of particular materials used not only for longevity but for safety. The kettle is made from a stainless steel that is excellent at being resistant to corrosion. The kettle once closed is vacuum sealed and insulated. Its detachable power supply also provides extra safety and ease of use. So when heating up, it just sits on it’s power supply base, and when in use can be detached and moved around your camper van or car where it is needed.

The kettle is also made using a food grade silicone and an anti slip base. Its slim shape does not make it particularly sturdy but makes it fit into cup holders, which is probably the best design for car travelling as you don’t really have any large flat spaces to place things in a vehicle. There is even a carry handle to the top of the kettle to for ease of transportation and passing it around.


The main point in question is how well does it boil? Well after a speedy 16 minutes your kettle will have boiled. Its not quite the same as your home kettle, at home you’ll have a 2000w kettle running on 220volts. However for heating via your cigarette lighter at 12 V, 16 minutes is rather good and we were very impressed.

Spardar Car electric kettle

Its intelligent ability means it does not just boil to 100c, it has an LED temperature gauge to the front of the kettle so you can stop the boiling process at any temperature you want. It is simple to use simply pour in the water (no higher that the safety line). Then press the Thermometer sign and set the kettle to boil, it is not particularly noisy and its non slip base will make sure it will not fall over in the process of boiling. Once boiled if you press the heated cup button this will keep the water heated till you are ready to use. Fantastic. I would just make sure you remember which button to press.

The kettle holds 350ml allowing for two cups of tea or coffee or even works well for cups of soups or noodles. There is also an auto off function so that if there is no water inside it will not turn on. The Spardar electric kettle is the most pricey car kettle we have tried out however it has many positives.

Pros & Cons

  • Made using high standard materials
  • Easy to use
  • Made with convenience in mind
  • Fits in a cup holder
  • 16 minute boiling time
  • Has an auto off safety feature
  • Digital temperature display
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Great for both drinks and soups/pot noodle
  • More expensive than others available

Conclusion & where to buy

The Spardar electric 12V kettle is an exceptionally well made and functional travel kettle, built for road trip adventures of all kinds.

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