Review of Decent Gadget 12V Digital Message Scrolling Sign Display

This is a review of the Decent Gadget 12V Digital Message Scrolling Sign Display


The Decent Gadget 12V Digital Message Scrolling Sign Display is made from hard ABS thermo plastic measuring 42 cm wide and 10 cm tall.It is quite cylindrical in its shape and has feet either side to help the display swing it 360 degrees.

Decent Gadget 12V Digital Message Scrolling Display

The message itself fills about 2/3rds of the viewing banner in red dotted writing. It is designed to be sat on the top of the rear seats in your car, however the sticky tabs to attach are not particularly strong, you may want to add further adhesive using velcro. There is a 4m long cable long enough to be able to plug the cable into the cigarette lighter at the front of a 7 seater vehicle and have the display fixed at the back, there is ample length to have the display wherever you like in the car, I would suggest working out where you permanently want it and then tidy the wire between or around the seat in a way that will not intrude on your passengers.

Decent Gadget 12V Digital Message Scrolling Display Remote Control

The display comes with a remote control, that looks similar to a small TV remote. It isn’t the easiest to use and is like writing a text with an old basic phone but you get used to it. It will fit up to 10 letters on the display in one go, the letter W is also quite wide so you might be looking at more like 7-8 letters. I say letters but actually you can use numbers and symbols too.

It will work both stationary and rotate the message round, for a message that is moving you can use more than 10 letters and you have the option for it to be a slow or fast speed message. The message is vibrant in red and easy to read and there is even an option to store messages to present a message at the click of a button which is great.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides two speeds of scrolling text
  • One mirror text option
  • Easy to use and install
  • 360 degree angle
  • Long 4m cord
  • No sticky marks left on window
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Requires a 12V cigarette lighter to charge
  • Long wire can be a nuisance in the car if not tied down.

Conclusion & where to buy

This is an easy to install digital message display screen, providing a clear message either stationary or moving. Overall the display itself is is a decent quality. However, the extra parts such as the long cable will required thoughtful car placement and the sticky pads will require extra sticky pads to secure it.

Leadleds Dc 12v Remote Led Car Sign Programmable Scrolling Message Sign Board for Car, Shop, Store (Red)

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