Review of Stoplock Professional – Steering Wheel Lock

This is a review of the Stoplock Professional steering wheel lock, we discuss whether your car would benefit from one of these.


The Stoplock professional steering wheel lock has ticked all the right boxes in terms of ensuring you of its ability to deter thieves with its Thatcham Category 3 ‘attack approval’ rating, 10,000 key combinations and 10 year guarantee. That all looks good on paper to me but I wanted to see how well it fit in my car.

The stoplock was tried both on my partners Peugot 307cc and my Fiat Panda. It fit well on both cars if anything a little bit tighter on the Peugot steering wheel as it is smaller. It is quite heavy and fixing it into place does take some effort. Firstly you need to get the steering wheel in its full lock position so that there is very limited movement. You need to place the long section under one arm of the steering wheel and then it will need to clamped at the opposite end of the steering wheel. If you put it in your steering wheel in the wrong position you may trigger your car horn, so be careful with this, it’s quite an obtrusive device and this make take a few attempts until you get it right.

The steering wheel lock is made of a strong steel and coated with a very bright powder coated plastic, potential thieves are not going to miss this large piece of visual deterrent kit in your car when walking by.

stoplock professional locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is simple, once it clasps the wheel and clicks in to place, it is locked. Having the key on you will remove it from this position if you haven’t done this correctly. It is basically like two prongs which are both like a bicycle or motorcycle lock and they latch in to the locking mechanism. They are completely solid and will never be able to be removed with hand tools.

It is quite a chunky and cumbersome device therefore it will not fit under your car seat, you are best stowing in the boot or if not carrying passengers in the back foot wells, this is one of it’s negative points.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be fitted easily and quickly to the steering wheel
  • Has a 10 year guarantee with 10,000 key combinations
  • It is highly visible to passers by
  • The curve does not touch the horn at all
  • Thatcham Category 3 ‘attack approval’ rating
  • It is pretty heavy
  • As it can only be fitted to the steering wheel when the steering wheel is in its locked position this can add extra fiddllyness to fitting it.
  • Too bulky to store under seats, will need to be stored in the boot

Conclusion & where to buy

The Stoplock Professional is a simple but strong steering wheel lock and deterrent with bright visability and a strong locking system. A lock such as this is worth purchasing, however make sure to check this will fit your car. If it doesn’t give the original Stoplock a check as that is slightly smaller.

Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00 - Safe Secure Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar - Universal Fit - Includes 2 Keys and Carry Bag

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