Review of Anti Theft Car Steering Wheel Lock

Our review of the anti theft car steering lock by Tool Genius. A simple and quick locking steering wheel lock.


This feels like a well made, strong yet lightweight car steering wheel lock. It is the cheapest out of the four we have reviewed by some margin, but is it as well suited to actually protecting your car and stopping it from being stolen?

How it works is you fit the wheel shape part over the top of your steering wheel, the yellow bar then sits on top of your dashboard or against a part of the interior of your car. When you lock it on to your steering wheel it clamps around the wheel and thus holds it in place. So if someone was to break in to your car and steal it, they would try to turn the steering wheel to only find that it is incapable of doing so. The downside to the locking mechanism is that, unlike the others we have reviewed, it actually grabs the steering wheel, so that it can’t even be moved around on it. It doesn’t just wrap the wheel, it holds on, this can leave marks and if you have a leather or soft steering wheel, this could be a problem.

The second problem which we had is that this didn’t actually clamp around on one of our cars, our little fiat panda has a very small and thin steering wheel and it struggled to actually clamp down on it. This steering lock needs a bigger, thicker steering wheel, most newer, bigger cars should be fine, a few older cars may not be suitable with this steering lock.

It is super easy to lock and unlock which is a nice touch and one of the most important things is that because of it’s size, it can be kept under your passenger seat (if it has room), out of sight until you need to use it again.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to lock and unlock on the steering wheel
  • Can be hidden away when not using, maybe even under your cars seat
  • Very affordable price
  • Great visual deterrent as it sits on your dashboard in plain sight
  • Bright yellow means its easily seen
  • Leaves marks on your steering wheel when locked on overnight or longer, may ruin your steering wheel
  • Not the most heavy duty of steering wheel locks

Conclusion & where to buy

If you want a visual deterrent, it sits in a visible place between your steering wheel and the dashboard. This is a good purchase if you have a thicker steering wheel, but it may leave marks on your nice steering wheel as it clamps on to it to hold it in place. For the price, it’s a good car steering wheel lock.

UKB4C Car Steering Lock Universal Fit Maximum Security Steering Wheel Lock for Cars and Vans, Anti-Theft T-Bar Steering Wheel Immobiliser to Deter Thieves and Secure Your Vehicle

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as of April 16, 2024 6:08 pm


44.6 x 24 x 7 cm


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