Review of Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

This is a review of the Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser


The Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser attaches to the headrests of your car rather than being used on the floor of your boot. This means that you actually are using your boot space more effectively as you can still fill your boot up as required as well as using the Topist multi pocket boot organiser for additional space.

Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

After using this a number of times I have found the Topist multi pocket boot organiser most useful for items I carry regularly in the car rather than shopping or outdoor activities such as for a winter car park for carrying water, snacks, torches and blankets. It is also handy for carrying your dog walking nessecities if you use your car to take your dog out frequently. The organiser is made from Oxford 1680 Denier polyester fabric which makes it easily washable and easy to clean if you do use it for carrying wet or muddy items. It is a heavy duty and strong material which so far has provided no wear and tear.

Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

It is very easy to use, there are three loops that need to go around the top of the headrests and then pulled tight and buckled closed, I have also used this in my Peugeot that does not have a middle head rest and it works just as well with only having two loops secured. There is actually an extra loop within the end of the last too loops which could be used instead to attach around a single headrest pole of two seats. If this is not enough security you can also tuck the lower attachments under the seat to fully secure it in place, personally I did not feel the need to but it is nice there is an option for further security.

Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

In comparison to boot organisers that are used on the floor, this uses meshing to hold items in place so will not be able to hold very tiny objects or a lot of items of various shapes and sizes, space is limited so you will have to think carefully about what is worthwhile carrying in your Topist multi pocket boot organiser.

Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser


Pros & Cons

  • Well secured
  • Durable and robust material
  • Provides extra space in your boot
  • Keeps the floor of the boot area empty and clean
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Fully adjustable straps to suit most vehicles
  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 6 month warranty
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Cannot hold large items
  • Not going to hold your shopping in
  • Requires head rests to attach too

Conclusion & where to buy

The Topist multi pocket boot organiser is a well designed and well made product that isn’t going to cost you a lot for what you get for it. It’s not going to able to hold your weekly shop but it will carry your important items you need to take with you.

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