Review of Vonshef Electric 12V 21L Insulated Cool Box

This is a review of the Vonshef 21L Electric Cool Box which we test on long car journeys and for adventures out whilst camping.


Lets take a look at this Vonshef 22L capacity electric plug-in cool box. First impressions are it’s big and it’s blue, it looks exactly like any other cool box out there, but this one has a neat little cable that comes out from the top and plugs straight in to your 12v car cigarette lighter, giving you an easy to use car fridge.

Some of it’s other features include internal cooling to 8-12°C. So if it was mid 20°C outside or in your car, this cool box will be able to keep anything inside to a nice cool 8°C. It has a carry handle and locking lid which means when it’s locked, it helps keep the inside cool and whatever is in there won’t be coming out. You also get a nice 2 year warranty with this product which is great, especially as it’s an electrical item and may not last.

vonshef 12v portable cool box fridge


As you can see, the electrical section and cooling part of the cool box takes place in the lid, which is the part you plug-in to your car. The cable has it’s own section which you can fold up and put in when you take the cool box out of the car and it will work just like a regular cool box then, keeping the lid closed will keep the internal section cool.

Internal Space of 21L and Size

With this space you can fit in a 1.5L bottle stood upright, we tested it successfully with 2 bottles stood next to each other at one end and then food items to the side of the bottles.

It has dimensions of 40 x 24.1 x 40.5cm and weighs 3.1kg empty, after adding a couple of bottles and some food we were still able to comfortable move the cool box around and could carry it up to distances of a few hundred yards without problems. If you are older, this may be heavy for you and we recommend a trolley for moving it.

Now with the size, 40cm tall we were able to get it in to the foot well of our passenger seat but only by placing it parrallel the the front of the passenger seat. So it does fit in this space in our little Panda but it does get in the way if you had someone sitting there. We instead chose to place this electric cool box behind the drivers seat and the cable could still reach great and the passenger could lean back and grab items from it. Being 24cm wide it fits snuggly behind the front seats aiin the foot well section of the rear seats.

vonshef 21l 12v portable car fridge cool box


One of the downsides to this electric cool box is that although it looks like a regular cool box, the lid pertrudes and sits down in to the internal space, meaning that anything you put in to the cool box may be in the way of the lid locking. So before you jam everything you think you need in to the 2L space, test what will and wont first.


Pros & Cons

  • Fits quite a large amount of food and drink in it to keep it all chilled
  • Sturdy and well made, we bashed it around a bit moving it from the car to the home and to camping spots and it took it all well, luckily the cooling electrics are in the lid which doesn’t get hit much
  • Great price
  • Cools down to as low as 8c which is perfect for use in the summer in the UK and abroad, great for anything that needs chilling and not frozen
  • The cooling section in the lid drops in to the internals so you lose a little bit of space inside the cool box
  • You can only run this on a 12v charge, it doesn’t come with UK plug or USB fitting but this is still great for a car, van or campervan trip
  • It is a bit noisy but running it along in your car you wont be able to hear it over the noise of driving or music so that should be fine, but if you run it whilst camping from a battery or solar panel through the night, you may hear it buzzing and whirring away whilst it keeps your items cold

Conclusion & where to buy

A great sized family electric cool box to plug-in to your cars cigarette lighter and used as a car fridge, enough space to keep in a few days worth of food for a small family. Especially good for using for camping as well if you want to connect it to a battery or solar panel as you can move it from your car to your camp spot without too much issue.

Not a bad price for something that will guarantee your food and drink stay chilled to 8c. It looks like a normal cool box but has the added benefit of being a portable electric cool box, we’re impressed.

VonShef Electric Cool Box - Large 22L Insulated Cooler with 12V DC Car Adaptor - Ideal for Camping, Picnic, Beach

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40 x 24.1 x 40.5cm


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