Review of RM – Car Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover

This is a review of the RM – Car Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover


The RM – Car Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Cover is a whopper in terms of of heavy duty, it is made from a robust heavy duty thick cotton fabric weighing over 2 kilo grams. It is double stitched for extra durability and to the underneath of the cover, the part that touches your car is fleece lined. This makes sure to keep your car free from scratches and protected within the cover. The top layer of the fabric is water proof and protects your car from the unpredictable elements we can receive here in the UK.

To the base of the cover is an elasticated rim to wrap snuggly around your car. It comes in two sizes the WCC2P being the bigger of the two at 475 x 185 x 150cm and the smaller is the WCC0P at 455 x180 x 150cm. Both sizes are not particularly small and will fit estate and SUV vehicles. There are six holes around the rim of the fabric which allows you to attach to the wheels of the car you will just need to get your own ties to do this.

Due its overall heavy duty weight and thickness this cover doesn’t go anywhere. I would avoid trying to put it on your car untill you have a nice calm day however due to the shear size and difficulty you will have with it flapping about.

It comes in its own heavy duty zipped see through carry bag. This isn’t a compact easily to fold up and out of the way kind of cover even its bag is quite large.




Pros & Cons

  • Heavy duty
  • Fleece lined to protect your car from scratches
  • Durable
  • Protects for all the elements
  • Not likely to blow off
  • Able to secure to wheels
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Heavy
  • Not compact to stow away easily
  • Wind protection holes require you to have your own ties.

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a heavy duty, sturdy car cover that is waterproof against the elements on the outside yet soft and gentle on the inside to keep your car happy, clean and damage free underneath.

Car Cover Universal Sedan PEVA Covers Waterproof Dustproof Scratch Car Covers UV Protection Breathable Auto Cover (M: 430 x 160x120CM)

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Martin Shaw
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