Review of TopSoon Waterproof Plastic Medium/Full Car Cover

This is a review of the TopSoon Waterproof Plastic Medium/Full Car Cover


The TopSoon Waterproof Plastic Medium/Full Car Cover is made from a see through polyethylene, it is like a big plastic poncho for your car. It is water proof and tear/abrasion resistant. It is very lightweight meaning you can pop it on to your car very quickly. If you park under trees this may save you fortunes in cleaning your car regularly due to bird poo. Or if you are having building work at home, it will stop paint or debris from getting to your car.

Topsoon plastic car cover

To the base of the cover is a strong elastic rim to tuck tightly around your car. I have to say it doesn’t look as sophisticated as other car covers as especially being see through it looks like you have wrapped your car in cling film from a distance however it does still protect your car from the elements. There is no extra soft lining inside and the material is fairly thin but its water proof ability protect you from rain, snow and the cover hangs on in there in the wind.

Topsoon plastic car cover

Where I would say this is particularly great is for when you are taking your car somewhere such as work or somewhere you regularly visit for a long period of the day and need to display anything in the window such as a permit this can make this a great car cover. Especially as it rolls up fairly small and can be easily stowed in the car when dried down and stored, it doesn’t come with a carry bag but it would fit in a small rucksack or hand bag. Where its see through ability does not help so much is if you are using the car cover as a double to prevent potential thieves from seeing anything of value within your car.

Pros & Cons

  • Protects your car from dirt and bird poo
  • See through allows you to display a parking ticket or permit still
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Cheap price
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Easy to clean
  • Packs away small
  • Not particularly strong
  • Not heavy duty
  • See through so will show any belongings in the car

Conclusion & where to buy

The TopSoon car cover is a simple yet effective car cover perfect for use when out and about as it is quick to use and you can still display a parking ticket or permit through the cover.

TopSoon Waterproof Plastic Car Cover Dust Proof Car Covers Size 3.66 Meter x 6.70 Meter

as of May 27, 2024 4:35 pm

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